New investor in Gonzales,La

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@Ryan Sidney Brooks Sr ,

This is certainly step 1.  Or, if you're like many, step 1 is networking with local investors so you can build a buyers list.

When you say "once I find a property that I'm interested in," it sounds like you don't really have a grasp of the process.  I could go out right now and come up with dozens of properties that I'm interested in, and you really do need to identify a LOT of properties.  Once you do that, you start the marketing.  You can send mail, call, text, knock on doors, etc.  Finding the owner is fairly simple in most cases.  You can look it up on the county website where properties are listed or you can purchase software to do it for you.  I use PropStream, and it's great for giving you all sorts of information about the property.

Before you do all of that, however, I really suggest learning how to wholesale.  There are resources all over the place for this.  Books, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.  I recommend the book, "If you can't wholesale after this, I've got nothing for you."  It's an easy read and really explains the process well.  I would also check out other resources as well because there are multiple ways to do a lot of it.

Good luck!

Hey @Ryan Sidney Brooks Sr , I'm not a wholesaler so can't really speak to the process. But what I can tell you is that every wholesaler I work with does things differently. I would get on a few different wholesalers mailing lists and get a real sense of how they: present the properties, communicate with their investors, lay out the numbers. As a client of wholesalers, it's easy to spot the difference of someone who *looks* like they know what they're doing and an amateur. @Barry Pekin looks like he gave some very good advice on what you need to do now though. Best of luck, step by step you'll get there.