Real Estate License vs. Wholesaling

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I’m new to the R.E. World and want to start out as a wholesaler because I was sucked into those seminars and got inspired. BUT....Reading forums here and there made me feel like I should get my real estate license. I’m in the process of doing that now, but to all the wholesalers out there who can give some pointers and even real state agents who have an opinion, tell me what you think and suggest. I don’t necessarily want to work for a broker because I want to be my own boss, but how will that work? How do wholesalers get their name out there and become trustworthy compared to well known realtor companies?

I have done both and they  both have strengths and weaknesses.  I would actually pretty strongly recommend against starting out on your own.  Join a team.  Whether it be wholesaling or an agent.  Do that for two years and get good and then you can go out on your own.  I currently am an agent and do some wholesaling as well

@Cole Simpson Awesome! Thanks Cole for the advice. My next move is to meet with local wholesalers, but with all this craziness, it’s not exactly ideal for meetups. I want to be as knowledgeable as I can be, so I thought getting the license was a smart move. Also because I don’t know too much about real estate and thought this was a good start on top of the seminar classes I’ve attended. I’ll see where this takes me. Thank again!