Virtual Assistant Call Performance

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What percent of calls made by your VA are answered?

We're pulling our lists from PropStream, then skip tracing with Batch Skip Tracing, and our VA is through VAHub calling on Batch Dialer. We are seeing a 16% answered rate with a multi-line dialer. It feels low, but I'm curious if this is in line with what other people have been seeing. It seems like the VA's are spending a lot of time waiting for calls to be answered, opposed to talking with sellers.

That's just the telemarketing business in general. It's usually 10 percent pick up rate. The more important question is from the people they speak to how many turn into potential leads. That's the more effective approach. You can't change people picking up or not it's out of your hands. But when they are on the line you can make a difference depending what the VA is saying.

Thanks for the feedback @Ray Danishyar ! We're only in our third week of using the VA/Dialer setup, so I'll have to continue to monitor the data. Just wanted to make sure we didn't get bad skip trace data and the pick-ups were in line with industry averages.

Some dialers will dial multiple numbers at a time and then stop once 1 of them answer. So your VA shouldn't be sitting around waiting. 16% is pretty good. You should also leave a voicemail and and follow-up text and email

@Mike Kehoe - I have 2 VAs and they are around 10% on the pick-up so you're beating me for whatever that is worth. Two notes:

1. I had a dialer (CallTools) making multiple calls at once but my call drop rate dramatically increased when I set it to make 4-5 dials at a time. Could've been user error on my end, but drops def spiked with volume. I'm now just dialing 2 lines at a time. 

2. I haven't texted due to not understanding all the legal regulations. I know the big two are TCPA and and CAN SPAM

"Under the TCPA, businesses may not send messages to consumers without their consent. Even if an individual provides their phone number or has a long-standing relationship with the business, the company cannot text the individual if they have not granted written consent."

"Under the CAN-SPAM Act, the FCC can regulate commercial texts sent to wireless devices to protect consumers from unwanted mobile commercial messages."

"The CAN-SPAM Act makes it illegal for businesses to send unwanted text messages to cell phone numbers and requires that any commercial message be easily identifiable by the receiver as an advertisement. Consumers must also be able to unsubscribe from receiving messages."

Someone more versed than myself can hopefully provide better feedback on sending compliant texts. 

There are some changes coming to texting and it's unclear if it will affect companies who text at smaller volumes but generally speaking if you are reaching out to a prospect to buy something from them (as oppose to selling something to them) then you'll be compliant. In addition, the software that you use to send your messages shouldn't be from an autodialer. Though the other parts of the process can be automated, the actual clicking to send the messages out is manual. Whoever you reach out to should have a legal opinion letter to speak to why they are compliant or not.