New Wholesale Business in Georgia

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Hello all, I have done a ton of research on the business of wholesaling (videos, course, books) and feel that I am ready to begin. Me and my older sister are in the Atlanta, Ga area, and are going into business together on this with our LLC within the next week. We have a mindset of this is not a get rich quick scheme. At the same time we also know this business can offer quick returns if we apply ourselves correctly. We do have money to spend on marketing on a minor scale. We both work a job 4 days a week but willing to sacrifice any time in between. I guess i'm just looking for some guidance or advice from someone who's been in the business, especially in the Georgia markets.

Success as a REI is measured by how efficient you are at lead generation.

Marketing is not about spending money. Marketing is about resonating with people and establishing a trust when there is no grounds for it. You need a web presence.

Get a website.

Appear credible if you are not. Remember .. you do not need to be credible to appear to be credible.

Work on SEO, and only after you have a credible website will you even consider marketing.

Marketing is not "doing what everyone else is doing".

You need to be smart and you need to think. You don't follow the masses. 

The first thing you need to do is develop a plan, a strategy, that is tested through your own logic.

Become a marketer and you will become successful at this!

I wholesale in Atlanta. I like the market a lot. Plenty of opportunity and a lot of big buyers. It is a bit saturated though, but if you're consistent you can make things happen. Get good on the phone. That's key.