Starting the beginning of real estate

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Hey guys my name is Suhayr Hassan and I’m currently 18 years old. My dream is to learn how to start investing into real estate at the age of 18. I am highly motivated and encouraged to get a early start to my life and career. If there’s any professionals who would love to give me some tips it would be highly great fil for me.

Hi @Suhayr Hassan !  I'm excited for you as you begin this journey!  Here are a few thoughts for you as you start out:

  • Read . . . A LOT. - there are nearly limitless books that could be recommended in this space, but I'd recommend starting with The Millionaire Real Estate Investor  by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan and working out from there.  I'd also recommend The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey as one of your first books.
  • Get on base.  Sure, if a nice slow pitch comes across the plate then swing for the fences, but focus on getting on base.  (The baseball analogy will continue here).  Just like in the game of baseball, investing evolves as you get base hits.  I see countless droves of investors start out with a juicy, alluring vision of a home run and watch base hit after base hit roll across the plate and don't take any action on them.  Yep, they aren't nearly as sexy as a home run, but the cumulative affect of small gains consistently over time is HUGE.
  • Be patient . . . At your age the SINGLE GREATEST FACTOR working for you is time.  If you live to the average life-expectancy then you will have 60+ MORE years of life.  Anything you buy in the next 10-20 years will have the ability to compound at a rate that will make your head spin.  THAT is the power of investing over time and you only get it if you STAY INVESTED.  There will be ups and downs and side-to-sides but the un-sexy yet dumbfoundingly powerful aspect of investing is seen over the long haul.  So, get invested, stay put, and watch the market " do its thang, honey."