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Hi everyone, I have a goal to get into wholesaling. I have done some research and understand the basics. However, I'm someone who learns hands-on. I reached out to a local wholesaler with 15 years of experience in real estate, she agreed to meet me for coffee Tuesday. My end goal is for her to be my mentor and we JV my first couple of deals together. I find the sellers and she brings the buyers. Can anyone help me with how this conversation should look on Tuesday? Is there any way I can bring more value to the table being a newbie?Thanks so much.

Offer her something of value to make it worth her time to mentor you. For example, some of the investors I mentor offer to Drive for Dollars and identify possible leads which helps populate my pipeline. I then use those leads to step the mentees thru my systems and process for wholesaling. I even take it a step farther and pay a "finders fee" if I end up wholesaling one of those deals with the caveat that they must use that fee to start their wholesaling business (ie. pay for marketing expenses, letters, signs, etc.).

You have actually achieved something that most don't, a win-win possibility with a real investor with experience. As @Dan Travieso said, the most important thing you can do is to offer value for her time at the meeting and in the future. What special skills do you have that could help in her business? Mentors are invaluable, but most don't need the money and if they do, they shouldn't be your mentor, what they want is a benefit from helping someone with potential.

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@Kelsey Geesey Hey hope you're doing well! Like the other individuals mentioned, Yes you want to offer them some type of value. But also stand out, be yourself. One of the biggest mistakes Elon Musk said he has made is putting his time/trust/energy in people with skills rather in people with heart (Butchered the quote but you get the idea lol) A lot of people can offer her value.. property more than you could to be honest. But only you can offer you. Be you. If it does not work out, that's okay. Not the end of the world. If you have anymore question. Please don't be afraid to message me! We were all new. Here to help you.