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I need to find an insurance company who will approve a multi-unit without central heating and air.   Does anyone have any suggestions.  The property is located in PA

I own an independent agency in Harrisburg.  Does the home have any type of thermostatic controlled heat?  The concern is frozen pipes, resulting in leaks and water damage.  What is the heat source?

Central heat isn't a requirement, but without having some sort of heating method that is controlled by a thermostat is usually a no go.  If someone is relying solely only on a woodstove or space heater, usually the underwriting guidelines will say it is ineligible.  Even our sub-standard markets like Foremost will decline.   

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I use Erie for almost all my properties.  PM me and I'll send you my agent's contact info if you like.

 I use Erie for my car insurance. Cheapest around I pay $660 yearly. (Alright..I'm old) Didn't know they did property insurance. Will defiantly be checking them out. Thank you