Goofy Fire Situation

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Last Friday I had a fire in one of my condos.  10 out of the 12 units are inhabitable.  I was lucky enough to be one of the two that are inhabitable because I had a fire proof door. I guess everybody else had wood doors.  The red cross put my renter in a hotel for the weekend.  The association is not letting anybody in the condo.  They said the company who they hired to clean up everything will determine when my renter can go it, which they are not telling anybody anything.  Since the red cross is done paying for his hotel who is responible?  I would think the renters insurnace would be respoinble, right?   So should I take care of the hotel bill and then seek reimbursement from the person who started the fires insurance compnay?  Or do I tell my renter, "Sorry you should have had renters insurance!"

That is what renter's insurance is for. If they did not get the insurance, that's on them. The fire wasn't started by you or by anything you did negligently so you aren't responsible to them for anything.

Read your state and local landlord tenant laws as it varies, and also what your lease states. In my research, some localities will let you declare the lease ended if unit is declared uninhabitable (which sounds like it has been if they won't let your tenant back in), but some may require you to provide lodging while tenant is still responsible for rent until they can move back in.