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I hope you're all having a successful day! I am looking for home insurance companies that have great coverage and options for protecting pretty much everything under the sun. Do you have any recommended companies you have had good experience with that also provide great customer service?
I am looking at properties in Northern NJ in case anyone is wondering.

@Sheila Reyes I use NREIG and have been happy with them, check them out. They bill monthly which is a nice feature, it avoids having to keep track of annual policies. I have not had to file a claim yet though.


I think your search should be first for the Agent not necessarily the company.   I especially recommend looking for an independent agent who represents multiple companies.  If you plan on flipping or renovating properties before sale I would suggest considering an agent that provides both personal and commercial policies. 

No company is going to insure everything under the sun.  Different policies provide coverage against different causes of loss (perils).  Policies can differ on how they value a building after the loss (Replacement cost, Actual Cash Value, and Agreed Value are the common forms).   There are endorsements that you can add that will cover certain things and depending on the property and situation they can make a big difference. 

One thing I recommend is to learn what issues in a building or property might give you issues when insuring it.  Things like Knob & Tube or Aluminum wiring, in ground tanks, tenants with certain breeds of dogs, proximity to a coast, etc. are all factors that could limit the companies that will insure you or raise the cost.

Feel free to PM me if you need more info on any of this. 

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