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Can any one give me a recommendation on a local Insurance Broker in San Antonio?  I plan to buy my first investment property in May, and am trying to get my "team" together.


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If you're not dead set on a local office, try Todd Willingham at Bierschwale Rees Insurance in Fredericksburg. He's a broker and writes business all over the Hill Country. His office staff is amazing and will help you immediately with any questions.

Todd save us a good amount on commercial, MF, auto, and our farm and ranch policies.

@Michael Hawkins   What king of policy are you looking for?  If you're buying a flip project, you'll either need a Vacant Dwelling policy or a Builder's Risk policy.  Most broker's can get your either of these policies through Foremost Insurance.  If you're buying a residential rental property ( 1- 4 units), you can just get a Landlord Policy or Rental Dwelling Policy.  Again, most any Broker can provide these policies.  If buying a commercial investment (Multi-family 5+ units or retail, industrial, etc.) you may need both Commercial Property insurance & General Liability insurance.  This will depend on type of investment and your needs.  

If you're staying on the residential end of things, I would suggest contact your personal insurance carrier to start.  This will give you a baseline for other quotes.  I have a few brokers/agents I can recommend.  Send me a PM for their contact info.  I am less versed in commercial insurance,  but have one vendor I use when needed.  Happy to recommend as well.

Lastly, there are more factors than cost when purchasing insurance.  Coverage and level of service beat out cost in my book every time.   I use vendors I feel I can trust, ones that don't mind explaining the nuances of my coverage, and ones that help when I have a claim. 

Thanks, guys for the advice!  I will be following up shortly on both.

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