How to Grow Your Hard Money Lender Business Using BiggerPockets


Reach More Qualified Borrowers Through the Web’s Premier Hard Money Lender Directory

HardMoneyPictureAre you a private or hard money lender looking for qualified leads? The BiggerPockets Hard Money Lender is here to help you grow your business by providing a consistent stream of leads with direct contact to your borrowers from across the country. As the largest real estate investing community online, BiggerPockets has created the most comprehensive hard money directory in existence, and this page is going to show you exactly how to be a part of this directory and how to use BiggerPockets to grow your business to new heights. The simple fact is – more and more individuals are using the internet to find hard money lenders and the BiggerPockets Hard Money Lender Directory, as the top ranked directory in Google, is in the best position to connect you to these searchers (your potential customers). We are ranked in Google only behind “Wikipedia” for the terms:

  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Hard Money Lender
  • Hard Money Loan
  • Hard Money

plus many more state specific hard money keywords, which is driving thousands of people to the Directory every week. If you haven’t yet done so – please take a moment to watch the quick video above to get a 2 minute overview of how you can increase your exposure and fund more deals, close more loans, and make more money.

Before You Read on – A Testimonial

  I’ve been marketing for our hard money business for 8 years now. Finding how to get in front of the right potential customer at a reasonable rate and measurable method has been difficult at times. I don’t count impressions. I look strictly at click troughs, activity on my site, and more importantly, conversions. This is what tells me I’m not just driving meaningless eyeballs to my site, but actively engaging prospects that are actually looking for exactly what I have to offer. BiggerPockets consistently appears in my top ten referrers for all web traffic monthly. In addition, after Google PPC, BiggerPockets drives, on average, 500% more traffic than my next paid source of advertising. Not only that, I’m always surprised to see the time-on-site, new unique visitors, and pages visited metrics from BP traffic often beat those of Google PPC ads (some months by large amounts). When it comes to dollar per click through and my other measurement methods I track, BP has been my least expensive and best performing lead source. P.S. I realize by writing this testimonial I am creating – in some cases – my own competition on the site. However, I write this because I believe in Josh Dorkin and the incredible site he continues to develop. He’s innovated the space and continues to grow the site because of transparency, dedication to quality information, and putting his network first. Happy to take phone calls if you have questions about my experience advertising on BP. And just in case you’re wondering, TNG does not get a break on advertising nor do we get paid for the endorsement. – Aaron Norris of The Norris Group Hard Money

Below, are the 5 easy steps to get started with your listing. However, if you want to learn a little more about BiggerPockets and the Hard Money Lender Directory – including features, pricing, and more – click the “continue reading” button at the bottom of this page.

Setting Up Your Listing in 5 Easy Steps: A QuickStart Guide

To sign up for a listing:

  1. Set up personal profile for yourself on by going to
  2. Once you’ve done so, make sure you’re logged in and create a Business Profile. For more information about setting up a Business Profile, check out our Company Profile Tutorial.
  3. Go shadow_image_107113to the Hard Money Directory and click the green “Add Your Company” button.
  4. Add your listing, and choose either a free regular listing or a Featured listing, and click the States that you lend in.
  5. If using a “Featured Listing” fill in all the states you lend in, your allowed LTV, and potential loan amounts.
  6. Select “Create Listing” and you are done!

If you want to learn more about how to set your company up in the BiggerPockets Hard Money Lender Directory, click the continue button below. continue_button