Over the past decade, I’ve purchased nearly 100 rental units, spread out over a couple dozen different properties—some single family houses, some multifamily, and even a mobile home park. Today I want to walk you through exactly how I find, finance, and purchase my rental properties—so you can do the same!


One thing many wholesalers overlook when putting together a deal is knowing which types of buyers are out there and how to identify them. Being aware of the person you’re dealing with can change not only how you tackle the interaction but the strategies you use to get the transaction done.


Most people think there are two options when buying rental property. Option A is to buy in a hot market with little to no cash flow and wait for appreciation. Option B is to buy in a market with good cash flow, even without much appreciation. But what if there were a third option?


Will Becoming a Real Estate Agent Make You a Better Investor?

If I could turn back time, I actually wouldn’t mind going through the whole course, sitting in for the exam and getting my license. A few things stand out for me where I can remember making mistakes and losing quite a bit of money, which might not have happened if I’d had my license.