One Investor’s Advice for Digging Out the Best Information on the BiggerPockets Forums

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The BiggerPockets community is well over half a million real estate investors and professionals strong. That’s huge. We all know that there are many benefits to being involved with BP. Still, as with anything else, there can be cringeworthy and frustrating moments too.

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Finding the Best Information

If you’ve been following the BiggerPockets Forum threads even for a short while, you’ve seen an abundance of knowledge. There is a ton of awesome and powerful information. That’s pretty much a $40,000 real estate course for free, plus a lot more. There are new and veteran investors teaming up to learn and mentor. There are investors celebrating massive successes. And then there are the Grinch characters.

These are the ones who spend their time putting down others when they really have no knowledge about the facts themselves, the party poopers “hating” on cash flow investing and those spreading a lot of misinformation.


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Why They Do It

There can be many reasons these Grinch characters show up in all types of forums and sites online. In some cases, it just demonstrates their lack of knowledge. In others, it is out of resentment of the success of others or an attempt to self-promote. Then there are probably a few crazies in the mix. I mean, throw 500,000 people in any room and you’re going to have one or two rogues, right?

No Man Left Behind

Even though it is tempting to avoid environments like that, I’ve come to feel that you have to hit them head on. And who wants to live like a hermit anyway?

Somebody stuck around did it for me and others. Hundreds have invested time and energy to help others when they didn’t have to.

If we don’t stick it out, offer help, engage with good advice, or just share our authentic experiences with the next generations of investors, who will?


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In conclusion, I can understand why some might be afraid or discouraged sometimes. But I’m sticking it out to give back and create value for others as I can. I hope I can be of real value for others looking for answers and am confident I’ll keep finding great nuggets to use in my business, as well as great people to do deals with.

The key here is always to vet whose advice you listen to. Know what to drown out versus what to adopt as constructive and well-meant criticism. Don’t assume they are doing well unless you check them out. You don’t know if they are really walking the walk or just talking the talk.

How do YOU separate the valuable information out there from the not-so-great advice and negativity?

Let me know with a comment!

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Sterling White

Sterling White is an investor and business owner on a mission to make the world a better place through principled and efficient real estate investment.

Even before co-founding Holdfolio, Sterling and his partner Jacob Blackett had been involved with the purchasing and selling of over 100 SFRs. Today, Holdfolio is a prominent platform for investing in income producing multifamily apartments. The firm has been featured in national publications such as US News and was ranked as one of the best real estate crowdfunding sites in 2018 by Fit Small Business.

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  1. Michael Lantrip

    Good article, Sterling. And it needed to be said. As an Attorney and former Tax Examiner, I cringe at some of the advice being spouted by people who are just repeating something, with no regard for the possible damage they are doing. Please folks, don’t do that. You probably have good, valuable information based on your experiences. Stick to that. Anything else, just suggest that it might be a possibility, and let the community join in.

  2. Darnell Griggs

    Thanks for sharing as a newbie to this site, It is alot of valuable information on here that what I found across the internet. I try not to listen to the negative feedback just because that is that persons experience. Other times it can be helpful to make someone better and achieve what they seek to accomplish. You’ll never know til you try for yourself

  3. Tom Keith

    Thanks again for a good message that bears repeating often for all to see. We do not want to be responsible for making someone have a problem or run them off before they are able to be a positive influence to the next person. There Is so much information on the site and wasting time looking at negatives is not my desire. Keep on Sterling.

  4. Karl B.

    Another great article! One thing I’ve been doing ever since I’ve been receiving BP e-mails is I have a Word document full of links of the best BP articles.

    Many are articles where the information is good and I know I will need to access the information in the future when the time is ideal (an example would be to read all the eviction articles when I need to evict).

    I will probably go through all of them and categorize them so when I am looking for a specific subject I can read all the articles with ease.

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