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John Fedro has been investing in manufactured housing since 2002. John now spends his time continuing to build his cash-flow business in multiple states while helping others enjoy the same freedom he has achieved. Find John here.

Mobile Homes
4 3 Common Misconceptions Investors Have About Mobile Home Repairs

In today’s article we will be discussing 3 misconceptions that should help unburden your worries if you are inexperienced concerning manufactured home repairs. In this three-part series on evaluating Mobile Home Repairs we will be discussing common interior and exterior repairs, as well as uncovering hidden problems that may cause you time, capital, and anxiety if overlooked.

Mobile Homes
2 4 Reasons Mobile Home Park Managers Don’t Want to Work With You (& How to Change That)

A mobile home park manager and you want the same goals and outcomes for the mobile home community. The park management and you both want to fill the park up with nice quality homes, keep all homes in the park, want qualifying hard-working buyers in those homes, and want to pay lot rent every single month. Any park manager in his or her right mind should love working with you or receiving your help on a regular basis. The list below discusses the 4 main reasons a mobile home community manager may not want you in his or her mobile home park.

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3 6 Tips to Help Keep Your Emotions in Check When Investing in Real Estate

As seasoned real estate investors we can typically grasp if a local real estate opportunity is a “good deal”. However during the course of your due diligence and pre-closing process you, the investor, can possibly sabotage yourself and your investing business without the slightest idea of doing so. Below is a short list of verbal and situational clues to keep aware of while investing logically.

Mobile Homes
3 Not Your Grandfather’s Mobile Home: A Brief History of Modern Manufactured Housing

The modern manufactured home is a mansion and technological wonder compared to generations past. Safer construction, wireless capabilities, and an eco-friendly footprint are only a few of the improvements manufactured homes are making. Today’s manufactured homes are certainly not your grandfather’s mobile homes. Below is a brief outline of how today’s manufactured homes came to be…

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