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John Fedro has been investing in manufactured housing since 2002. John now spends his time continuing to build his cash-flow business in multiple states while helping others enjoy the same freedom he has achieved. Find John here.

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8 The Top 8 Everyday Frustrations That Infuriate Real Estate Investors

There are benefits that go beyond simple cash-profits and/or equity gains while investing. Real estate investing teaches patience, focus, business mindedness, all while ideally greatly increasing your emotional intelligence and people skills. However before you can become the “Dali Lama of real estate investing” you will likely have your patience, frustration, and anger tested time and time again by colleagues, partners, and the public at large. Below is a short list of some of the top things that will likely infuriate you as a real estate investor.

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0 5 Things You Likely Don’t Know About Mobile Home Electronic Liens & Titles

During this short article we will be discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and interesting facts concerning electronic mobile home liens and titles. The Electronic Lien and Title Program is a method by which your State’s Department of Revenue, Manufactured Housing Department, Division of Motor Vehicles and lending institutions (lienholders) can exchange vehicle and title information electronically.

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5 What Investors Should Know About the 5-Star Rating System for Mobile Homes Parks

Ultimately, it is very important to not judge a book by its cover. Let’s take into account a one-star park. Some mobile home parks may currently be a one-star community, however perhaps this park was just purchased by new management and they are in the process of cleaning up the community. This park may indeed need your help to bring in new homes and help fix current mobile homes within the park needing rehab.

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4 An Investor Answers: Should I Ever Allow a Mobile Home Seller to Stay in Their Home After the Sale?

There are likely going to be passionate investors on both sides of the fence supporting or condemning the idea of keeping a seller inside of his or her property after you have bought it. This is mentioned because it is important to remember that you always have free will. Ultimately the choice will be yours when you are presented with the situation, do you keep a seller inside their property after it sold to get the deal done? Do you agree to let them stay or demand the property be vacant as soon as you pay them for their home?

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1 What Mobile Home Investors Should Know About the Buying & Selling Process in the State of Texas

The great state of Texas is known for doing things a bit different than the rest of the country. In similar fashion, transferring a mobile home from buyer to seller is handled very differently in Texas than in any other state. If the mobile home sellers have clear ownership then be prepared for a streamlined and typically easy process moving forward while closing.

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1 4 Common Mobile Home Title Issues (& How to Best Fix Them!)

Common title problems arise due to a title being lost, the actual owner on title not being present, the title is missing and the current seller has not yet put the title into their name from when they bought the home, and multiple other situations due to common human faults such as laziness, ignorance, and frugalness.

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