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John Fedro has been investing in manufactured housing since 2002. John now spends his time continuing to build his cash-flow business in multiple states while helping others enjoy the same freedom he has achieved. Find John here.

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2 6 Tips to Help Keep Your Emotions in Check When Investing in Real Estate

As seasoned real estate investors we can typically grasp if a local real estate opportunity is a “good deal”. However during the course of your due diligence and pre-closing process you, the investor, can possibly sabotage yourself and your investing business without the slightest idea of doing so. Below is a short list of verbal and situational clues to keep aware of while investing logically.

Mobile Homes
3 Not Your Grandfather’s Mobile Home: A Brief History of Modern Manufactured Housing

The modern manufactured home is a mansion and technological wonder compared to generations past. Safer construction, wireless capabilities, and an eco-friendly footprint are only a few of the improvements manufactured homes are making. Today’s manufactured homes are certainly not your grandfather’s mobile homes. Below is a brief outline of how today’s manufactured homes came to be…

Investor Stories and Lessons
2 5 Aspects of Real Estate Newbies Should Remember Are Only Temporary

The present-moment is a very powerful thing. You are confident and committed that this year will be different; this is the year your specific goals will be reached and you will personally be helping many local buyers and sellers in and around your area. While all these things can, and very well should happen, it is important to remember that your real estate investing business is a journey with twists and turns, both expected and unexpected. Below are a few examples of temporary things while real estate investing.

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5 The Top 8 Reasons Investors Overpay for Real Estate

Choosing to knowingly overpay for any investment property may seem quite counterintuitive on the surface. Luckily for us real estate investors there is more value to be created than simply immediate financial gains. The motives of experienced real estate investors are typically to help others, grow their portfolios, and make smart business decisions. Then why would any investor pay over retail-price for a property? Below is a short list of some of the good/bad reasons you may overpay while investing in real estate.

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10 Letter From an Ungrateful Real Estate Investor: What We Can Learn From the “All About Me” Mentality

Dear universe, Thanks for nothing. All the goals and milestones I’ve achieved in this past year are a direct result of my own hard work and daily effort, and no one else’s. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you trying to slow down my success by placing challenges along my easy real estate investing journey. This is my letter telling you I’m not tolerating this abuse one moment more.

Investor Stories and Lessons
8 The Top 8 Everyday Frustrations That Infuriate Real Estate Investors

There are benefits that go beyond simple cash-profits and/or equity gains while investing. Real estate investing teaches patience, focus, business mindedness, all while ideally greatly increasing your emotional intelligence and people skills. However before you can become the “Dali Lama of real estate investing” you will likely have your patience, frustration, and anger tested time and time again by colleagues, partners, and the public at large. Below is a short list of some of the top things that will likely infuriate you as a real estate investor.

Mobile Homes
0 5 Things You Likely Don’t Know About Mobile Home Electronic Liens & Titles

During this short article we will be discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and interesting facts concerning electronic mobile home liens and titles. The Electronic Lien and Title Program is a method by which your State’s Department of Revenue, Manufactured Housing Department, Division of Motor Vehicles and lending institutions (lienholders) can exchange vehicle and title information electronically.

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