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  1. Lake Ridge VA-Avoiding the Cookie Cutter House Syndrome

    about 7 years ago by Cindy Jones

    If a new home in Prince William County VA is in your future then Lake Ridge VA is a neighborhood to put on your must see list.

  2. Where to buy a house in Jacksonville, FL for investment purposes?

    about 6 years ago by Dmitry Mikhaylov

    Where in Jacksonville to buy a houses? In which areas of the city and what kind of houses to buy? What are the reasons behind decisions to buy houses in t...

  3. Quality of Life

    about 7 years ago by Daniel Nueske

    Real Estate and your Quality of Life

  4. Retiring in Panama

    about 7 years ago by Alan Morrison

    Retirement benefits in Panama and a little bit about the country.

  5. Affordable Homes for Sale in Brea, California

    about 6 years ago by Tony Serrano

    Brea is a popular city in Orange County California in the United States. According to the 2000 census, the population of the city was 35,410 making it the 25th most populous city in Orange County....

  6. Take A Look at this Market

    over 7 years ago by Justin Pierce

    The houseing market in Northern Virginia has over corrected. Every investor should take a look at Prince William County and here is why.

  7. Life in Atlanta, Georgia

    about 6 years ago by Hunter Ramsey

    Atlanta, Georgia is one a fast paced and rapidly growing city in the United States. The city’s major turnaround was after the Atlanta Olympics, which marked the beginning of the steady growth of...

  8. Philadelphia Condominium Cache' and Value

    about 6 years ago by Mark Wade

    The cache' of many Philadelphia Condo Buildings is linked to its value, and is largely based upon Perception

  9. Time to Go Green in Austin, Texas

    almost 7 years ago by Roselind Hejl

    Will buyers demand greener homes? Austin's new energy ordinance will make energy audits and disclosures a part of the home sale process.

  10. School Appeal for Morristown NJ Real Estate

    about 7 years ago by Susan Zanzonico

    Morristown, New Jersey is home to some of the best public and private high schools in the region. It is also home to the Rabbinical College of America and the College of Saint Elizabeth. Because of...

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