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  1. Great Facts on Hard Money Lending

    over 5 years ago by Account Closed

    How Hard is Hard Money? Hard Money to be Expained by Robert Woodruff

  2. How to Get More Than The Asking Price For Your Property

    about 7 years ago by Account Closed

    When the number of real estate buyers is greater than the number of available homes, real estate property values usually go up. It’s an ideal environment for sellers because buyers are ...

  3. Private Lending: A New Way to Fund Your Real Estate Deals

    over 7 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    As a real estate investor, you need to calculate all the risks involved before going for private lending as a mode to acquire money. Do your research and try to find private lenders involved in thi...

  4. The Basic Features of Real Estate Investing Loans

    about 7 years ago by Account Closed

    As a real estate investor, one of the things you think about constantly is how to procure real estate investing loans.

  5. Professional Packages get Attention

    about 7 years ago by Craig Grella

    Most lenders see dozens of loan packages every month. For your loan request to stand out it needs to be prepared in an organized, professional manner.

  6. What is Mortgage Insurance?

    over 4 years ago by Alex Fenske

    Mortgage insurance is an unexplored mystery to many buyers. In this article I explain what it is, how it works, why we need it, and how to avoid it.

  7. Should You Do a Lease Option or Sub-2?

    over 6 years ago by Jason Hanson

    Learn how to decide which type of deal (lease option or sub-2) is the best way to go.

  8. 4-Tips for working with Private Lenders

    over 4 years ago by Brant Phillips

    Developing private lender partnerships can be the difference between success and failure.

  9. BIG Advantages of Seller Financing in Today's Real Estate Market.

    over 6 years ago by Marc Faulkner

    Creative Property Sellers Use Seller Financing to Make Properties Stand Above the Crowd.

  10. Refinance: Things to consider and things considered.

    over 4 years ago by Zach Whitston

    This article give information on things to consider when getting a refinance. It also explains some of the factors that a lender will consider when giving a refinance.

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