How Technology Can Help Your Real Estate Business

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I’ve realized for some time that the way we all conduct our lives and businesses is dependent on technology. Technology has improved how we accomplish things, but has also proven to be a distraction — think of all of the games we waste time playing on the computer at work or on the phone when we should really be productive. Especially in the world of real estate, people have come to be reliant upon tech. With that in mind, shouldn’t one of the leading real estate communities be talking about it?

How Can Technology Help Your Real Estate Business?

We’re going to start to explore that topic here on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Dispatch, once known as Real Estate Investing for Real. We currently explore topics in almost every other area of real estate, and feel that we’re doing our readers a disservice by ignoring tech.

What Does That Mean?

Some of the topic areas that we’re going to be looking at from here forward will include how websites can improve your business, blogging and blogging tips and tools, social networking, gadgets and toys, and much more! Essentially, we think it is time that BiggerPockets become not only your home for networking, dealmaking, education, and marketing, but also your home for real estate technology! We’ll still be writing about investing topics, mortgages, commercial real estate, the economy, housing, and all the other stuff we currently write about, but in addition, we’ll now be talking about TECH!

Can I Get Involved?

Absolutely! As a part of this expansion into tech, we’re going to be looking for new contributors and guest bloggers to participate. If you write about real estate technology, or you’re simply a gadget geek, and you’re interested in becoming a part of our wonderful team of brilliant contributors, drop me a PM through my BiggerPockets profile or shoot me an email and we can discuss your interest.

Here’s to the future!

Joshua Dorkin

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