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The Ten Best in RE.net This Week: Feb. 27, 2010 Edition

Dean Ouellette
2 min read

1 ) Real Estate Investors – Don’t Be Seduced By Rickety Cash Flow – Good article for investors who are obsessed only with cash flow. This is one of my favorite topics I like to read Jeff Brown write about. His opinion always seems to be a little different than most opinions on cash flow.

2 ) The 7 No’s of a Successful Realtor® – Want to know how to fail in the real estate world, Mike has some good advice here, but the part that blew me away was the 9-out of-10 agents fail in the first year. Doesn’t say much at all for the way agents are being trained before they are forced to start paying NAR their dues.

3 ) A pulse, a passing grade and a business card: raising the bar on real estate agent qualifications – Kind of going along with what I just said, what does the future of the role of education play in real estate? What will the brokerage of the future look like? Will more formal education be required, will more real estate class hours be required? It is hard to imagine this will be the model for a business where the agent needs to pay the brokerage every month to be associated with it.

4 ) Congress & Obama Clueless About How to Fix the Housing Crisis – Lani hits the nail on the head. The housing market is not a priority at all to anyone in this administration it seems. Their one attempt was going to help 4 million homeowners. While the price tag didn’t change, in reality it only helped 5% of that number. The administration should realize that fixing the housing issues would make for a mobile economy which could then easily move to where the jobs are helping the economy even more. Then again, seeing their attempts to fix it in the past, maybe it is a good thing they are not focusing on it.

5 ) By The Way…. This Is A Normal Market… – Having a hard time missing the good ole days? Get over it, today’s market is what it is and you need to either adapt or move on. Some great advice on here on how to adapt and survive.

6 ) How You Can Get The Most Accurate, Real-Time Mortgage Rate Quotes Available – It is something I work on educating clients with all the time. The 3.975% you saw in the ad or the 4.60% you saw in the paper are unlikely to be real. Too many factors go into an interest rate to make one number work for everyone. And if it was real, it has likely changed 6 times since then.

7 ) Q & A with Morgan Carey (Real Estate Webmasters) about Indexable IDX – Indexable IDX results, do they hurt you? Do they help you? If you don’t have some sort of indexed results on your blog you are missing out, but that is ok, those of us who are will just keep enjoying the benefits.

8 ) Learn to Communicate with Your Clients! – Agents, how do your clients want to hear from you? Do they want email, calls, text, DM’s? Find out what they are doing and make them feel comfortable.

9 ) Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Every Month – Like me, do you have a business plan that you wrote in November of 2009 that is just sitting, somewhere? This may be a better approach for us.

10 ) How to Get Rich – I remember reading this a couple years ago, and seeing it now reminds me of how smart it was then. There is great advice in here for everyone in life. You could be an agent looking to make it through the tough times or an investor looking for your financial freedom. Either way, enjoy this piece of advice from someone who does ok for himself financially.

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