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How to Put Symbols in Craigslist Titles

Justin McClelland
1 min read

For those of you who frequent Craigslist, I’m sure as your eyes have scoured the listings they were attracted to the ads that were in CAPS and the ads that had the graphic symbols included in them.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about take a look at the page below.

3297636616 b

I don’t know about you, but symbols such as these are a huge attention-getter.  CraigsList is definitely not the place where you want to blend in, so symbols can come in handy.  That is until everyone starts using them.

The technical term is “ASCII Symbol”, if you use some of the corresponding ASCII codes below in your CraigsList ad titles, you too can have your ads stand out from the masses.

?    ▲
??    &#9654 ▶
?     ▖
?    ▆
?      ♠
?      ♥
??    ♦ ♦
?     ♬

So for instance, the CraigsList title,
“▶ ▶ Awesome 3 bedroom ▶ ▶ 30K Equity ▶ ▶”

will convert to

“??Awesome 3 bedroom ?? 30K Equity ??”

I hope that helps!

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