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4 Tips for Creating Killer Real Estate Marketing Emails

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4 Killer Email Marketing Strategies

Did you realize that you could currently be sitting on a mound of cash for your business? Leads that are literally ripe for the picking? And in fact, most of your competition is probably not taking the necessary steps to liquidate this real estate marketing goldmine into consistent closed transactions.

What I’m referring to is the power of email marketing. You may have heard that the money is in the list, and this is definitely true to a certain degree. However, the flip side to this statement is that real profits are in how you choose to incubate and covert those leads into business over time.

This is the most common error that real estate professionals can make when it comes to using email. In fact, I have personally witnessed more missed opportunities than I would like to admit of people who spent loads of time and money building up their funnels, only to never truly follow up post opt.

When utilizing this real estate marketing tactic, you may come across varying reports of how often you should stay in touch with your readership. Regardless, consistency is key. Truthfully, we have discovered that when our clients submit at least 2 emails every week, they experience a much better response, less spam complaints, and higher conversion rates than if they only chose to do so sporadically.

Of course the answer is in how you balance this. Each niche and market may be slightly different, but the principles remain relatively the same. Find a pattern that seems to fit your audience best, and then provide them with exactly what they are looking for on a consistent basis.

Here are 4 More Tips on How to Have Great Success with Your Email Campaigns:

  1. Pretend You are Writing to Your Best Friend: I cannot stress enough how powerful this one real estate marketing tip is alone. Imagine the loads of emails and junk that your audience is receiving on a daily basis. Simply by creating copy that seems real and genuine instead of formulaic will greatly improve open rates. Both in the subject line and body, find ways to stand out from the crowd and sprinkle in some humor or unique spins once in a while.
  2. Include Calls to Action: Always have some form of a call to action in the body of your emails. This should be something that will get your audience to engage with the material. Whether it’s trying to get an interested buyer to look at a house or simply to check out your newest post on your real estate marketing blog, find a way to get people interacting. Be sure to include this several times throughout the body of your content for best results.
  3. Keep it Simple: Any email content we create for our own campaigns is always clean and simple. Instead of messing with all types of banners, colors, and other distracting features, we just use plain Jane text. Having too much can take your prospect’s attention off of what’s most important…following through on your calls to action.
  4. Ask for Referrals: Finally, always remember that each person is in a different stage of the buying cycle. Therefore, it is unreasonable to think that everybody is a true prospect. This is the group of people that may need to incubate for some time. So, be sure to include something like the following whenever you are featuring a property:

    Not ready to buy but know someone who is? We have plenty more properties just like this! Please feel free to pass this message along to friends or family. (you get the idea)

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These are just a few great examples of course. Do you know of something that has worked really well for your own real estate marketing campaigns? Please feel free to share below!

    Jason Homes
    Replied over 7 years ago
    Successful real estate email marketing lies in the marketer’s ability to create connection with their prospect.
    Jeff Logue
    Replied over 7 years ago
    Absolutely Jason. There is really no other way. Consistent intentional interaction with each prospect yields the best results. It is important for real estate professionals to remember that a large percentage of people are not ready to take action right off the bat. Therefore, building a relationship with each person over time ensures that a greater percentage of leads can be converted into strong business relationships down the road.
    Kahsish Patel
    Replied over 5 years ago
    Connecting with people and delivering them what they want will always lead you to a successful email campaign. It also applies on real state sector too, and also segmenting list according to people’s need to whom you are sending email will also help.