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Investing While Holding a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia

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Investing While Holding a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia

Investing in real estate while holding a full time job may not always get the most discussion in the real estate investing world – but there are thousands (if not millions) of investors who do just that. On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with Arthur Garcia, a busy part-time investor who has massed an impressive collection of rental properties while holding a full time job. This show is filled with a ton of really great tips to help any investor – large or small – be more efficient with their investing time. In addition – this was probably the most humorous show to date!

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Read the transcript of Episode 6 with Arthur Garcia here.

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In Today’s Podcast, We Cover:

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  • How to invest when prices are too high in your area.
  • How to get started with “buy and hold” investing when you don’t have much money or time.
  • How to use use “cost to rebuild” to predict the future of your market.
  • Why Arthur and his wife sold their primary residence to live in an apartment while buying rental property.
  • The “super creative way” to find flexible lenders.
  • How to find “Portfolio loans.”
  • A great way to legally get around the “10 loan” limit for mortgages.
  • Why investing while holding a job gives you an advantage.
  • Tips for finding a great property manager.
  • The story of a topless 90 year old woman that finally convinced Arthur to hire a property manager.

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About Arthur Garcia

Arthur Garcia is a buy and hold investor in Southern California who is buying up dozens of homes while working a full time job. Arthur acquires properties using a combination of hard money, HELOCs, partnerships and private investors. You can find out more about Arthur at:

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