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Using Hard Money Lenders to Grow Your Business with Ann Bellamy

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Using Hard Money Lenders to Grow Your Business with Ann Bellamy

Hard Money Lending is a fundamental tool for many real estate investors, but is often misunderstood and difficult to find. So today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with hard money lender Ann Bellamy to discuss how to find and successfully use hard money to build and grow your real estate investing business. This show has an immense amount of solid, actionable content that you can use immediately, so definitely take the time to listen!

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Transcript of BiggerPockets Podcast Episode 9 with Ann Bellamy

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In Today’s Hard Money Podcast, We Cover:

  • What hard money is, when to use it, and when NOT to use it.
  • Why Rehab properties in rural areas is a bad idea
  • Exit strategies and the new Real Estate Mini Bubble.
  • Typical hard money rates and fees – and how you can lower them.
  • Ann’s (and Brandon’s) first mistakes with Hard Money.
  • The best place to find Hard Money Lenders (hint: try here)
  • How to get your hard money loan proposals accepted every time.
  • Which comes first: finding the hard money lender or the deal?
  • Starting a local ethical real estate club to build your brand.
  • How to become a Hard Money Lender.
  • And much, much more!

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Tweetable Topics:

“The first and most important exit strategy is having one.” (Tweet This!)

“Hard money is not a mafia guy with a baseball bat – it’s a tool for growing your business.” (Tweet This!)

“If hard money makes a deal unprofitable – you shouldn’t be doing the deal.” (Tweet This!)

“Don’t misrepresent yourself. It’s okay to be new at something… just say so!” (Tweet This!)

“In this day and age – you need to be able to communicate electronically.” (Tweet This!)

“Both persistence and the ability to adapt are required for success.” (Tweet This)

About Ann

Ann Bellamy is a real estate investor and Hard Money Lender in Southern New Hampshire, and has been involved in the leadership of several real estate investing groups in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She provides short term and construction funding, or hard money loans, to real estate investors in these states and networks extensively in MA and NH with investors of all types.

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