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Demographics of a Real Estate Investor

Ali Boone
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Demographics of a Real Estate Investor

Don’t let the title mislead you. I’m not going to teach you or explain to you a scientific equation that explains who becomes a real estate investor and who doesn’t. I actually want to hear your demographics! I know we all have information on our BiggerPockets profiles, but a) I don’t want to just sit and sift through every profile I can find (not even knowing who is active and who isn’t) and b) I don’t think our profiles really say much about who we are in terms of personalities, commonalities (if any), or are very candid.

So let’s introduce ourselves to each other. Let us know who you are, but also look at everyone else’s comments as well because you might find someone you are interested in connecting with, whether it be because they are investors in areas you are in or interested in, or they have hobbies you enjoy, similar age range, who knows. But introduce yourself to anyone you want, be open to other people introducing themselves to you, and meet some new friends!


  • Age/Gender/Martial Status/Location/Education/Current Occupation. You can give an age range if you don’t want to say your real age, even if you only say something general like middle-aged. Marital status is obvious. Location is where you currently live. Education is not to compare notes of who has what degrees or who hasn’t been to college, because real estate investing is one of the really cool industries that really could care less what education you may have or don’t have. The point of asking that is more to give a feel for who comes from what industry backgrounds and are there similarities, or one industry more investors are born out of, etc.
  • Investment Focus/Investment Location. What kind of investing are you currently involved in, and where do you primarily do your investing?
  • Start in Real Estate Investing? How or why did you get started in it? If your answer is just because you want to become financially free and real estate is the way to do it, where did you initially hear that or learn that?
  • Places You’ve Lived. And maybe which of those was your favorite?
  • Favorite Hobbies. Don’t hold back. What kinds of things do you do for fun?
  • Favorite TV Show(s) and Movie. Just pick your favorites. I’m sure a lot of you have a huge list, but just hit the highlights. Tell us the ones that you think best represent your personality.
  • Perfect Weekend. What would it consist of?
  • Any Other Cool Facts. Anything else random about you? Again, shooting for ideas about your personality.

I’ll Start

I’m 31, female, not married, live in Los Angeles (Venice Beach), and I have a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering. I am now a full-time real estate investor and part-time flight instructor.

I focus on buy and holds only. I own turnkey rental properties and overseas beachfront properties, in Atlanta and Nicaragua respectively. I also work pretty closely with turnkey providers in various other markets, my favorites being Chicago and Houston. I’m just starting to dabble into the commercial space now as well, specifically self-storage facilities.

My grandfather was a huge entrepreneur and investor, and my aunt has always been a big investor, so I heard plenty of talk about it all growing up and eventually read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it propelled from there.

Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles. They are all four my favorite places for different reasons, but I’m likely to live in LA for the rest of my life. Love it here!

Anything outdoors- camping, snowboarding, running, hiking, and as of recently surfing. Love going to the gym and doing anything athletic. Beach rugby is my favorite. I go linedancing often (was a clogger growing up). And flying could be considered a hobby when I’m not actually instructing I suppose.

Current favorite TV shows- 2 Broke Girls, The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Favorite movies- Airplane, Top Gun, Dirty Love, and Little Miss Sunshine.

My perfect weekend would include linedancing on Friday night, sleeping in on Saturday, piddling around the house doing odds and ends and eating a yummy lunch and maybe hitting the gym, then going out to a bar with friends Saturday night, but not being too hungover to make it to beach rugby on Sunday morning. Playing beach rugby then having brunch/lunch somewhere good with friends, then playing on the beach or around town for the rest of the day. Oh shoot, should have thrown snowboarding in there somewhere. A perfect weekend would definitely include snowboarding.

Cool fact, or nerdy fact depending on how you look at it- despite how adventurous I am and how many ‘extreme’ sports and activities I do, I’m actually a total wimp.

Your turn. Who are you? Be sure to look through the comments too and see if there is anyone you are just dying to meet based on their responses and don’t be shy in reaching out to them!

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