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The Funniest Picture That Has Ever Been Posted on BiggerPockets.

Jimmy Moncrief
1 min read

My wife and I are attempting to sell our house.

It’s kind of crazy we’ve been in real estate for almost a decade, but we’ve never actually put our house on the market. Anyway, I’m a tight-wad and am hating all of this money we are spending.  Note, this is why I love rentals…

My wife say’s it’s a good ROI (return-on-investment.) We put our house on the market and everyone wants to see our house painted. Despite the fact that the paint is only 4 years old.

I digress.

My wife is now in-charge of the whole-thing and hired some painters. Standard sub-contractor drama ensues: late, slow, every excuse under the book.

Then it-happened.

She texted me while I’m at work the following:


He’s Asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just nodding off, but this guy was straight-up asleep on a freaking ladder painting!

Hope you guys enjoy the humor.

If you have a funny contractor story, please share in the comments.

Photo: Bill Gracey

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