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17 Reasons Not To Give Up On Real Estate Investing

Seth Williams
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If you’re part of the BiggerPockets community, you already know there are some awesome opportunities in real estate.

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It’s a profession like no other, with amazing potential to build wealth and financial freedom.

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…but sometimes the journey can be difficult, and it’s not uncommon to feel “burnt-out” on real estate investing.

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So how can you find the strength to keep going when you’re mentally exhausted and ready to give up?

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1. First of all – let’s acknowledge that it’s okay to have bad days…      we’ve all been there.

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2. Even the most successful investors experience regular setbacks in their journey.

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3. Sure, the learning process can be time-consuming. It might even leave you feeling drained of all energy and motivation.

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4. …but don’t forget about the excitement you felt during your first week as an investor!

my first week as a real estate investor
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5. Do you remember the thrill of closing on your first profitable deal?

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6. If you haven’t experienced it yet, TRUST ME – it’s worth the trouble.

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7. You don’t need a builder’s license to start making money in real estate.

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8. With the right connections and relationships, you can have sellers calling YOU.

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9. There is always opportunity for real estate investors. Even when the market is doing this:

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10. With enough experience, you can start identifying motivated sellers within the first few minutes of conversation.

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11. It’s an amazing feeling when you make an offer to someone and they say “Yes”.

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12. That first taste of success can change your whole outlook about life. Your boss might even wonder what’s gotten into you.

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13. If you stay consistent and stick to your strategy, your banker and accountant will be amazed when they see your rapidly-growing bank account.

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14. It’s important to recognize that when someone is trying to discourage your dream…  this is usually how they feel about their own day job.

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15. After all, it doesn’t feel good to wake up each morning and realize you’re still poor and broke, with no options in life.

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16. Remember, you’re on the path to a retirement that looks like this…

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17. …and there is nothing better than when someone says you can’t do something – and then you do it.

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