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Don’t let the title mislead you. I’m not going to teach you or explain to you a scientific equation that explains who becomes a real estate investor and who doesn’t. I actually want to hear your demographics! I know we all have information on our BiggerPockets profiles, but a) I don’t want to just sit and sift through every profile I can find (not even knowing who is active and who isn’t) and b) I don’t think our profiles really say much about who we are in terms of personalities, commonalities (if any), or are very candid.

So let’s introduce ourselves to each other. Let us know who you are, but also look at everyone else’s comments as well because you might find someone you are interested in connecting with, whether it be because they are investors in areas you are in or interested in, or they have hobbies you enjoy, similar age range, who knows. But introduce yourself to anyone you want, be open to other people introducing themselves to you, and meet some new friends!


  • Age/Gender/Martial Status/Location/Education/Current Occupation. You can give an age range if you don’t want to say your real age, even if you only say something general like middle-aged. Marital status is obvious. Location is where you currently live. Education is not to compare notes of who has what degrees or who hasn’t been to college, because real estate investing is one of the really cool industries that really could care less what education you may have or don’t have. The point of asking that is more to give a feel for who comes from what industry backgrounds and are there similarities, or one industry more investors are born out of, etc.
  • Investment Focus/Investment Location. What kind of investing are you currently involved in, and where do you primarily do your investing?
  • Start in Real Estate Investing? How or why did you get started in it? If your answer is just because you want to become financially free and real estate is the way to do it, where did you initially hear that or learn that?
  • Places You’ve Lived. And maybe which of those was your favorite?
  • Favorite Hobbies. Don’t hold back. What kinds of things do you do for fun?
  • Favorite TV Show(s) and Movie. Just pick your favorites. I’m sure a lot of you have a huge list, but just hit the highlights. Tell us the ones that you think best represent your personality.
  • Perfect Weekend. What would it consist of?
  • Any Other Cool Facts. Anything else random about you? Again, shooting for ideas about your personality.

I’ll Start

I’m 31, female, not married, live in Los Angeles (Venice Beach), and I have a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering. I am now a full-time real estate investor and part-time flight instructor.

I focus on buy and holds only. I own turnkey rental properties and overseas beachfront properties, in Atlanta and Nicaragua respectively. I also work pretty closely with turnkey providers in various other markets, my favorites being Chicago and Houston. I’m just starting to dabble into the commercial space now as well, specifically self-storage facilities.

My grandfather was a huge entrepreneur and investor, and my aunt has always been a big investor, so I heard plenty of talk about it all growing up and eventually read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it propelled from there.

Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles. They are all four my favorite places for different reasons, but I’m likely to live in LA for the rest of my life. Love it here!

Anything outdoors- camping, snowboarding, running, hiking, and as of recently surfing. Love going to the gym and doing anything athletic. Beach rugby is my favorite. I go linedancing often (was a clogger growing up). And flying could be considered a hobby when I’m not actually instructing I suppose.

Current favorite TV shows- 2 Broke Girls, The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Favorite movies- Airplane, Top Gun, Dirty Love, and Little Miss Sunshine.

My perfect weekend would include linedancing on Friday night, sleeping in on Saturday, piddling around the house doing odds and ends and eating a yummy lunch and maybe hitting the gym, then going out to a bar with friends Saturday night, but not being too hungover to make it to beach rugby on Sunday morning. Playing beach rugby then having brunch/lunch somewhere good with friends, then playing on the beach or around town for the rest of the day. Oh shoot, should have thrown snowboarding in there somewhere. A perfect weekend would definitely include snowboarding.

Cool fact, or nerdy fact depending on how you look at it- despite how adventurous I am and how many ‘extreme’ sports and activities I do, I’m actually a total wimp.

Your turn. Who are you? Be sure to look through the comments too and see if there is anyone you are just dying to meet based on their responses and don’t be shy in reaching out to them!

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About Author

Ali Boone

Ali Boone is a lifestyle entrepreneur, business consultant, and real estate investor. Ali left her corporate job as an Aerospace Engineer to follow her passion for being her own boss and creating true lifestyle design. She did this through real estate investing, using primarily creative financing to purchase five properties in her first 18 months of investing. Ali’s real estate portfolio started with pre-construction investments in Nicaragua and then moved towards turnkey rental properties in various markets throughout the U.S. With this success, she went on to create her company Hipster Investments, which focuses on turnkey rental properties and offers hands-on support for new investors and those going through the investing process. She’s written nearly 200 articles for BiggerPockets and has been featured in Fox Business, The Motley Fool, and Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. She still owns her first turnkey rental properties and is a co-owner and the landlord of property local to her in Venice Beach.


  1. I Like this 🙂

    I’m a 30 year old single man living in Los Angeles (Woodland Hills), I’m a certified Histology technician working in Histopathology (lab geek) for now. I am in the process of transitioning to a full time real estate investor (5 year plan).

    I focus on buying distressed/under market properties, rehabbing them, and renting them out. Building a large and solid portfolio is my aim right now. The markets I like are Milwaukee & Indianapolis.

    I actually got into real estate investing by stumbling across BP on accident while looking for an answer to a mortgage question on google. I had been studying mortgages & home buying since I was working toward my big goal of buying my own house before turning 30. Goal accomplished along with 2 investment properties. Sky’s the limit now!

    I was born in, and have stayed my whole life in the San Fernando Valley! Like, it’s all I likeee know!

    I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 4 years now and I don’t plan on ever stopping! I like hiking, camping, and riding my mountain bike too. I always have been and always will be a gamer, I love video games. Though, lately I’ve been reading books like a madman (REI, Self Development, old combat manuscripts etc).

    TV Shows: Game of Thrones! Dexter, Breaking Bad, & Justified.
    Movies: The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Count of Monte Cristo, Blade, The Last Samurai, Goonies…. I can go on forever, I watch too many movies.

    These days my perfect weekend’s gotta have good food, spending time with my family, and being out doors. In my younger days…. 🙂

    Cool Fact: I love swordplay and have trained using the Scottish basket hilt/backsword. I trained for about 2-3 years with a great mentor/teacher/friend a few years back. Sadly all my sword brothers now live too far for us to get together like we used to and I haven’t danced the sword in over 2 years 🙁

    • Dexter! Yes! And I just heard the new seasons starts in late June or sometime really early? I thought it usually wasn’t until closer to October or something? And wow, note to self, don’t piss you off. You could kill someone with your pinky finger.

  2. Terry Pratt on

    I think real estate investors comprise a broad cross-section of middle and upper income people, with more affluent investors having relatively larger rental portfolios.

    While working-class investors do exist, they are not the typical investor, and are more likely to actively manage and maintain their properties than other investors who are more likely to use hired management especially for properties located remotely.

    I do not know any poor people who became real estate investors, but all other types of people (income, color, occupation, etc) participate. From my position on the wrong side of a rental agreement, I view real estate investing broadly as a gigantic upward redistribution machine. A nice (and potentially lucrative) gig if you can get it (and yes I’m familiar with a number of horror stories).

  3. Retired professor, super senior ( over 70 ). Enjoying no headache, envelope income from STNL & TIC’S, such as Walgreens and Apts and Office Bldg’s. Learned, TIC’S not good at all. Started with 8 plex in 1969 in Philadelphia area,, went to 12 units in Chicago, than to CVS and Blockbuster Video, and than Vegas with 2- 4 plex’s etc.
    Now full time tennis player, Central Coast, CA. Enjoy watching B’ball, college and NBA.
    Love to go to Vegas.

    • That’s awesome, Kris. Haha… “super senior”. I don’t think 70s is super senior at all! Especially not if you are playing that much tennis 🙂

      With all your experience, what would your recommendation for newer investors be in terms of type of ownerships that are best?

      • Suggest dupleax or 4-plex to start, and than go bigger. After 10-15 yrs go to commercial single tenant net lease, no toilets as BP says!!!! Prettu much in my foot step, see above. Thanks

      • Hi Ali,
        Thought just came to me, we all are investors all over, all ages. If we can summarize our achievements, so to compare how successful, goal, where we went wrong, and learn lots from rest.
        if we can get several ratios, such as at age 72, I earned in salary say 1 million total ( most of us can get this from social security statement ), and have total worth ( real estate, stocks, bond, home, savings etc) say 10 million, and net worth say 3 million. This gives me ratio of 3 & 10, good or bad???!!! etc.
        Your thoughts. Thanks

        • Simpler to compare by three numbers.
          Just say 72/3/10. AT age 72, net worth is 3 times, and total value 10 times if income!!!

  4. Brandon Turner

    27 Male Married, Bachelors Degree (in History of all things) and currently an investor and Editor at! I like investing in small multifamily properties in my county of Grays Harbor. Started by doing some flipping and bought a duplex- flipping never worked great, but the duplex was awesome so I continued collecting units.

    Lived in the same area since college, but Minnesota before that.

    Enjoy playing the guitar and drums. And building online websites.

    TV Shows: Arrested Development, Lost, 24, Deadwood, Weeds, Game of Thrones, and Walking Dead.

    Movie: That Thing You Do (It’s a Tom Hanks 90s movie. Amazing.)

    Perfect weekend: Dropped off in a foreign city with $40 and a guide map. Go.

    Random fact: I once held George W Bush’s hand for a good 2 minutes. Most awkward 2 minutes of my life.


    • David McLean on

      Wow Brandon,

      We have even more in common than I thought! Real estate, both married, the Twin Cities, our faith, our ages (well, I’m actually 28 now), and we’re both drummers! Sweet! My wife and I just bought our first property, a duplex in St. Paul, looking to buy our second one before year end. Rock on!

        • David McLean on

          Hey Brandon,

          The duplex in St. Paul is……not a disaster, but challenging….an opportunity for learning! LOL! Firsthand landlord experience is second only to bigger pockets on getting you educated fast! Tips for your brother? Outside of reading bigger pockets (and listening to his brother :)) I would say that the Dayton’s Bluff area is a nice up and coming area to look for multifamily units…..but just be thorough in his analysis of how much work he may have to do to get the property into a condition that is totally ready for tenants. Emphasis on thorough!

    • That is quite the random movie selection, Brandon. Lol. Definitely with you on the Walking Dead, was obsessed with Lost until it got really strange, and I totally forgot about Weeds, loved that one! Until the last couple seasons I lost interest.

      Which foreign city?

  5. Cool topic! It’s cool to get to learn a bit more about the folks I see on the forums.

    Male, 42, married, I got halfway towards a degree in English Lit. I work in the film industry as a supervising technical director. We do computer animated features. How I got one from the other is a story in itself…
    Investment focus is buy and hold, with possibly some fixing and flipping in the future. In fact, I’m kind of using the more minor rehabs you do with a new rental as practice for possible flips down the road. We’ll see…
    The reason that I got started in REI was because I wanted to work towards being financially independent. We paid off our primary (same reasons), and as we got close to our goal, starting thinking about how we might buy another house and pay it off too, then as the plan developed we learned that it might make more sense to keep some leverage in place. Much research followed and we got our first rental in 2010.
    Places I’ve lived: DFW, England, Norfolk, VA.
    Favorite Hobbies: Guitar, reading (I’m a big Stephen King fan and have read everything he wrote, some of them 3 or 4 times), drawing. I enjoy watching basketball, and played up until a few years ago.
    Favorite TV Shows/Movies: I don’t watch TV a whole lot, but I loved Fringe when it was still on. Movies – I’m a horror movie (cheesy and otherwise) freak. Favorites include Deadly Friend (early Wes Craven flick), Rob Zombie movies (Devils Rejects and House of a Thousand Corpses), and the absolute funniest ever cheesy movie (if you have a warped sense of humor that is) – Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.
    Perfect Weekend – Curl up with a book. Hang out with wife and kids. Get some guitar in. Maybe catch a movie on Hulu.

    • Do you like the Stephen King movies that came from the books? I was on the edge of my seat for The Langoliers (can’t remember the book name that was made after) but I loved it. No idea why, because barely anything happens in it. Only 4 hour movie I’ve ever made it through, and seen it multiple times!

      • Hey Ali,
        Yeah, totally. Not quite as much as the books, but I thoroughly enjoy the movie adaptations. My favorite was Pet Semetary. They totally nailed it, especially the old guy Jud. He was totally how I pictured him in the book.
        I haven’t seen the Langoliers but I’ve read the book (same name, it’s a novella in four past midnight). Same deal! Nothing much happens, yet somehow it still kicks butt.

        • Ali Boone

          I don’t remember Pet Semetary, as far as details about the movie. Should probably re-watch it. Love the Langoliers! There was some other Stephen King book I got halfway through and never finished, for no reason in particular. Something about a guy and a small group of people who wander into, or get stranded in some random town, and weird stuff starts happening. I remember at one point they were in an old movie theater and having to hide from a monster. Something? I don’t remember.

        • Ha! Got it, though I had to think for a bit. Was it Desperation? With the cop? I enjoyed that one, though my favorites are 11/22/63, Firestarter, and Dead Zone. The Dark tower books are great too.

          Wierd unrelated thing – I can’t see the “Reply” link on your post…

      • Ah, that’s cheating!
        Are you sure it’s Dead Zone? That’s about a guy called John Smith who is engaged to a girl, Sarah. They go on a date at a fair, and she eats a bad hot dog and gets sick. So instead of staying at her place, he takes a taxi home, and gets in a wreck and is in a coma for four years. When he wakes up he has paranormal powers (sees things when he touches people).

  6. Cool topic – I’ll jump in:

    Male – married – 32.
    Portland (Beaverton) Oregon
    I work in HR for a healthcare system (manage the goals and incentive pay for the organization).
    I have a MS (actually, the better part of a Ph.D.) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

    Started in REI 4 years ago when we upgraded and kept our first house as a rental. This had been our plan since getting married in 2006. We are newly up to 3 rentals, and will purchase another in 2014.
    Only lived in the NW – grew up in Washington and lived in Oregon for the last 10 years.

    Personal Stuff:
    Family eats up most of my time which is great, but I’m a gamer when I have the time (currently DOTA 2).
    Favorite TV show is Shark Tank, but I gotta’ give honorable mention to The People’s Court (hey – don’t knock it!).

    • I love Shark Tank! I could care less about the inventions (although some I’d admittedly buy for sure), but more obsessed with the business perspectives. I nearly drool staring at the 5 sharks! Just for how well in business they’ve done and their insights.

      I’m noticing gaming is a commonality here….

  7. Here we go…

    Female – 43 – unmarried.
    Safety/Risk Manager for a governmental entity.
    Born and raised in the Virgin Islands but have been living in Tennessee for the last 25 years.
    I have a BS in chemistry and a MS in occupational health and safety.

    I’m just getting started in real estate so I have no properties as yet. My ultimate goal is to have a multi plex unit back in the Virgin Islands. I’m not doing it to get rich or for financial freedom. I like being able to help others and would like to do it by providing a safe place to call home.

    I am a tv addict so to name my favorite shows would take all day. But a few that are my absolute favorite are Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy.

    I love adventure and trying new things. I also have a love for a good book. Don’t really care for ebooks but rather the paperbacks where I can earmark a page.

  8. Hi all,

    I’m Female, 35. Married with 3 kids. I have an MBA but decided to stay home with my kids.
    I live in the Bay Area that is why I like to invest elsewhere.
    Mainly invested in smaller multifamily complex, but currently learning and looking into commercial such as NNN single tenant.
    My strategy is to buy and hold and definitely would like to buy more soon.

    I started investing after reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I also think investing is a better way for me to have extra income while I’m staying home with my kids. My husband is already away from the family for 1/3 of the day. I think it is good for my kids to have at least one parent to grow up with.

    I don’t really watch TV because once I watch something I will finish all the seasons available. I will be obsessed and sleep deprived. (Yes, I have very little self control if it comes to TV)
    So, I browse the internet instead. If I’m online I’m usually researching about real estate, catching up with bigger pockets articles, keeping up with the financial news, shopping, reading fashion blogs or reading about nutrition.

    I also like to read non fiction books, novels make me sleepy and I can never finish reading them.

    Perfect weekend is a weekend that I can be lazy and not have to worry about anything (accompanied with good food that is not necessarily healthy)

    • HI Yuli,
      Good idea to go commercial. I went thru thr phase, happy now, achieved my goal of owning a Walgreen STNL and NNN. Not much return, only 4.25 5 COC, but no toilets either!!!! Suggest Autozone, or similar to start with, may need 30-40 % DN thoygh.
      Good luck.

      • Hi Kris,

        Thanks for the tips. My only concern with NNN is finding the next tenant. So far I have noticed that buildings with shorter remaining lease terms are cheaper than the ones with longer remaining lease terms. It makes a lot of sense considering the risk and return.
        According to your experience, which one is better for a beginner in the commercial field? From what I understand, the vacancy period is substantially longer for comercial properties compared to residential properties. Hence, this type of investing is best for liquid investors.
        Am I understanding this correctly?

        • My ultimate goal was for estate planning, wanted new 25 yrs solid company such as Walgreens, which I got in 2010.
          To start suggest any STNL such as Autizone, Burger King, Carl’s Jr, Dollar Store etc with new 15-20 yrs lease, corporate guarantee, so no vacancy concern. Check for more.

        • Liquid investor need lots of cash.Go for most leverage, as long as you are happy wirh cash flow. I got 87% LTV, could have got 105%,!!!!! check CTL loans on Google.

  9. 24/Female/Married/Richmond,VA/B.S. in Bioinformatics/ I work for a Biotech company as a Bioinformaticist (Scientist/Programmer)
    Buy and hold, Richmond, VA. I just started real estate investing. I just closed a huge 2500 sq ft home in an okay area with the intention of renting a couple rooms.
    Financial freedom! My office mate encouraged me to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That led to real estate books, gold and silver books, and Bigger Pockets…. loved that Nicaragua article!
    Knoxville,TN, Oakland and Berkeley, CA, Atlanta, GA, Richmond, VA –> I love Virginia
    Crossfit, jiu jitsu, programming, float tanks, audio books
    Lost! and for a movie…. Grindhouse?
    Perfect weekend would consist of lots of fireworks and dogs. Can be located anywhere. (That combination can’t go wrong.)
    I have two dogs. Cody (a sheltie) and a beagle mutt name Fly. I named my real estate LLC after them. Cody Fly LLC.

  10. Age/Gender/Martial Status: 40/M/M
    Location: Bay Area, California
    Education: B.Sc.
    Current Occupation: Software Developer

    Investment Focus/Investment Location:
    Started off with some B&H units locally and currently manage them myself. Going into out-of-state turnkey investments.

    What kind of investing are you currently involved in, and where do you primarily do your investing?
    CA prices are going up fast and inventory is really down, so I started looking out-of-state. I just started buying turnkey in the Memphis market, but am also looking to expand into other areas later.

    Start in Real Estate Investing? How or why did you get started in it?
    Started in 2009 because the prices were so low and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least try to do a rental. At this time, I was also investigating early retirement options and this seemed like the best way to go. As of this time, I still think it’s the best way to go.

    Places You’ve Lived
    NYC and Bay Area (no favorites)

  11. Great post!
    It’s great to learn about other investors and to find our common ground.
    I’m a 40 year old married female in Austin TX. No kids, just three spoiled rescue dogs and a cat. I am a sonographer by profession and have been working in the veterinary industry as a veterinary sonographer for the past 16 years. The last 7 years I have been in business for myself operating a mobile service for small animal veterinarians in Austin.
    My husband and I are currently working on our third buy and hold SF in Austin. For now we are doing buy and holds, but would like to branch out in the near future into commercial and MF (Once we figure out what we’re doing!) I have always been a bit obsessed with properties for some reason. Even before I consciously started investing, I’d drive around neighborhoods looking at houses. Not sure why, but I’ve always just loved looking at places and seeing the potential. I bought my first house in Houston when I moved there from NJ in 2001. I couldn’t believe that I could buy a cute little house for 120K. Compared to NJ prices that was nothing! When we moved to Austin from Houston in 2006, we kept that house as a rental (we recently sold it for 225:-) In Austin we purchased a house and renovated it while we lived there and then kept it as a rental when we moved onto a larger property. Our official foray into REI was using a hard money lender to purchase a distressed SF and doing a full rehab this past year. We just closed on another SF recently and are rehabbing that now. We really started thinking of this as a viable career option when we attended a local REIC last year. Like many others, reading Rich Dad Poor dad, really drove it home. Financial freedom is what we’re after, SCREW working for the man!:-)
    I’m originally from north NJ, and have lived in Houston and now Austin.
    For fun, we both like to use our creativity, whether it be gardening, cooking, art forms like mosaics and painting, building stuff, renovating, you name it, if it’s creative, we like to do it! We both love to make something pretty out of something ugly. We also like hiking,camping, mountain biking and pretty much anything outdoors. My husband, Kyle is a home brewer, so chilling out drinking a good beer with friends is always great as well.
    I tend to gravitate towards documentary type TV shows, and horror genre for movies (great picks Harry!) All time favorite TV show that I can think of would be The Sopranos, since it is so spot on for the area in NJ that I’m from! I used to work at the pizza place they use in the opening credits….my claim to fame:-) I also do quite a bit of reading, mostly non-fiction, REI books and books on personal growth.
    Perfect weekend would consist of some fun time with our doggies, working on projects, then ending with a good sunday night dinner with friends.
    As for random clues on us. Kyle and I both attended Burning Man a bunch of times. It used to be “our thing” but not so much anymore, I’m getting to where I need my creature comforts! Also, Ali, I can totally relate to you being a tough girl closet wimp….I used to play womens rugby in NJ and thought I was really tough until I got my ass kicked a bunch of times and ending with a concussion from running head first into Newt Gingrich’s niece’s forehead (no lie!). Brandon, I’d really like some follow up on why you were hold Bush’s hand for so long. My mind is making up all kinds of stories!

    • Love Austin, and Animals too!!! My son and family live in Beecave, so come there for baby and pet sitting. Want to see bats next time, city has great potential for investment.

      • Kris,
        Yes, Austin is a great city. The growth I’ve watched here in just the past 6 years has been amazing. Bee caves is a beautiful area of town. Someone told me that you almost couldn’t pay someone to live there 20-30 years ago, funny how things change!

    • You played rugby in NJ, Robyn? For who? I played for Middle Tennessee State, and I played briefly out here for Santa Monica and I still coach their youth girls. Every time I play I get pretty massively hurt, so I’m on my second retirement. I hear every rugby player has 3 retirements, I’m hoping that’s not true. Kind of nice to be injury free for a minute.

      Artists, rugby, and Burning Man. I feel like we should be friends.

      • Ali,
        So I played rugby for Morris Women’s league for a couple years back around 97-98. It was a rec league. My friend and I mostly joined because we thought we were bad ass and wanted to drink a whole bunch and meet cute rugby guys! LOL, drinking and the guys part worked out well, but the rugby part (although fun!) was a total smack in the face to my tough chick status! I was such a wimp when it came to most of the other women on our team! I’d play again, but only if it wasn’t with other women who actually played rugby well!
        As for friends, yes, yes we should, you are too cool for school:-)
        Nicarugua sounds like a really awesome place to invest, love the out of the box thinking you got going on!.

  12. I am 24 years old, married, living in Hawaii. I work at a company called Fastenal which apparently a lot of people have never heard of…Fastenal manufactures and distributes industrial supplies, tools, and fasteners (and sponsors nascar); I get to meet a lot of local contractors, solar companies, roofers, etc. and I really enjoy it!
    I am looking to invest in multifamily as well as commercial properties.

    Real estate investing was always an interest of my parents, so I swore I would NEVER take part in it. That is, until I read Rich Dad Poor Dad! I’ve been reading, researching, and networking ever since. Financial freedom is definitely my goal in real estate investing.

    California, Michigan, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii. Each place has something about it that makes it special to me, so I couldn’t choose a favorite! I love watching documentaries and tv shows on Netflix. My current favorite shows are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Arrested Development, and Revenge.

    My perfect weekend includes time with my husband, the beach, a movie, and a great book.
    My interests change by the minute, I haven’t gotten a degree yet because I change my mind about what I want to do before I can complete anything. I have pursued computer programming, international business, accounting, business law, jewelry design, interior decorating, professional organizing, woodworking, writing, and currently dietetics and nutrition. I love to learn; if it were a profession to go to school forever learning about different subjects all the time, I would do that without a doubt. 🙂

  13. Keep ’em coming everybody! These are great. I already feel like the whole BiggerPockets group is much more genuine and human than one may have guessed! Wait, that didn’t come out right. You know what I mean.

  14. Cool Article
    Ok so I’m Brittany I’m 26/Engaged/ Baltimore Md/Tech Support Rep for VOCUS. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter name London (she is my WHY)
    I went to community college but didnt pursue a Bachelors thinking about going to the University of Baltimore they have a real estate program.

    My niche is wholesaling just until I save enough money to buy my own properties and then I want to get into tenant placement.

    I got introduced into real estate by Rich Dad Poor Dad of course lol I was 23 at the time and jumped in and out of a bunch of niches until recently so I have been primarily focused on wholesaling for the past 6 months. Its been rough and still is rough but I keep going so I can get financial freedom and get out of corporate America.

    I was born and raised in Baltimore I have not lived anywhere else YET! Lol

    My favorite hobbies would be going to the movies, i like to swim and play basketball, going to amusement parks and partying.

    I recently have had to cut back from tv myself but i do have a few favorite shows: Scandal, The Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Martin, and Married With Children (i know its old) lol

    Favorite Movies: HOOK, Les Miserables, Bad Teacher, Janky Promoters, All James Bond movies (except the ones with Timothy Dalton)

    Perfect Weekend
    Some where on a beautiful island laying on the beach without a care in the world

    Fun Facts
    I love tattoos and CHRIS BROWN! 🙂

  15. This is pretty interesting!

    Okay I am a 35 year old Married man with 2 wonderful little girls (4.5 and 2 years old).
    I am a full time real estate investor since 2010, though it can be argued I was just unemployed the first year or so. 🙂

    In my former life I was a technician in a R&D chemistry labs.
    Job could best be described as being a trained monkey that was expected to not throw feces around the room.
    I apparently didn’t always live up to expectations…

    Education is a Bachelors in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics and a Physics minor then later on I got an MBA and MSF (Master of Finance).

    I have been investing in Real Estate since 2007, at that time I was purchasing mediocre rentals with a plan outlined in several books. After that I started getting into a lot of flips when I went full time and have done a lot of those since. I plan to take the profits from this and use the money to acquire long term cash flowing assets. I have increased my rental portfolio 200% over the last year.

    I flip and hold (Though recently mostly flip) in MA and do buy and hold in PA.

    While not considering myself sheltered at all I did realize I have never lived outside of MA and have only lived in 4 municipalities in it! Doubt I will live full time any place else anytime soon as the oldest is now in the school system and we like it a lot for her.

    Don’t watch much TV these days. The only show I see pretty regularly is Shark Tank. I also like Modern Family but between the 2 angles and a lot of my REIA and other RE meeting being in the evening during the week I don’t see it much.
    Not sure if I have lots of favorite movies or none since I can think of tons I like and little thoughts on narrowing it down. Recently I enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook and before that The Fighter.
    Pre-Fun fact: My dad was a boxer in Lowell just a little older than Dickey so he actually sparred with him and knew him casually before and after he became a crackhead.
    Pre-Fun fact #2: In the scene where Dickey’s girlfriend was pretending to be a hooker to roll over Johns when she is leaning in the car her butt is pointing at a building which I looked at buying when I first started doing rentals. 🙂

    Okay my real Odd/Interesting fact.
    I have a hamburger named after me at a popular hangout near Boston College. I had it named after me as I was the first person to ever be able to eat it. I was interview in numerous new papers (most notably the Boston Globe), radio shows, and it has been featured on many television shows locally and nationally on the Travel Channel and Food Network (Most notably on Man Vs Food).
    I now am about 3 feet shorter than what BMI charts say I should be and have Diabetes.

    • Haha, Shaun. You sound like a blast! What is the name of the hamburger? And I’m with you on Shark Tank. Have they had any new ones recently? I feel like I never saw a ‘finale’ for the season. I need to look and see if I missed any. I see Cousins Maine Lobster food truck out here all the time, if you saw that episode.

      Thanks for commenting with your info! I love your writing style.

  16. Silvestre Madrid on

    I’m 27 years old, I grew up about 30 minutes east of Los Angeles in Pomona, Ca. (Made it out the hood!) I now live in Riverside county/Inland Empire. I’ve been in the telecom industry for about 10 years now. I have a niece and nephew that I raised since I was 15, boy & girl 11 & 10 respectively. It sure has been a challenge but it helped me grow up pretty fast and I’m thankful everyday for them.
    I’m just getting started with my re education and thoroughly enjoying it so far! Excited to have found the blogs, podcasts and bp’s huge database of knowledge.

    Hobbies include playing sports and hanging out with my niece & nephew. I just started season one Game of Thrones (awesome so far) and you can add me to the gamer list haha (ps3 mlb the show) I’m a huge baseball fan so I also like to travel to sports stadiums around the US. A not so cool fact I once flew to Boston to watch my Dodgers lose to the Red Sox in the bottom of the 9th! (Thank you J Broxton) Colorado is next on my radar 🙂 Coors Field here I come

    • Awesome Silvestre! I’ve been flying over the top of Dodgers stadium a lot lately flying sightseers around LA. They love flying over it. Awesome you are SoCal too! I’m in Venice Beach. Not far from you, but with traffic a totally different story.

      • Silvestre Madrid on

        Wow the view of Chavez Ravine must be amazing from up there..where do I sign up!? 😀 I was actually not too far away from ya this past Sunday, went out to Carson to watch my first career LA Galaxy game..loads of fun definitely recommended. I look forward to more of your posts Ali, cheers neighbor!

  17. Silvestre Madrid on

    🙂 Oh just a few miles further south Lol! Very cool I’ve never been but growing up my neighbors were from Nicaragua, and they could never say enough about how beautiful it was over there. I remember as a kid walking into their house for the first time and feeling like I walked into a rain forest! They definitely had the jungle theme going. Well glad you’re home sweet home, hope you had a nice trip!

    • Oh it’s so beautiful down there! They have amazing beaches, mountains, orange groves, volcanos, you name it. And the people are so nice. Sounds like you need to get acquainted with you former neighbors’ heritage and make a trip down there! 🙂

  18. Seneca Stephens on

    I’m a 23 year old single male living in Greensboro NC. It feels odd to say but I need to go back and finished the few remaining courses to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. The need/desire to help out my family and myself financially has me set in that position. The funny thing is that I work part time as a bookkeeper for a property management firm.
    I was thinking of using a buy and hold strategy primarily in Greensboro, then hopefully expanding from there as success/failure and confidence grow. I haven’t started just yet but I’m looking to jump in.
    Working my current job I’ve gotten to see some of the financial working when it comes to managing multiple large apartment buildings, being able to interact with the managers at each individual site and also understanding the far larger process of bill payment than what we would do on a normal home basis. I didn’t think about investing in real estate until I was talking to my friend after his trip to E3 and his desire to start up an indie game company. That conversation let the realization sink in that money isn’t the only thing that one can contribute.
    Unfortunately I’ve only lived here in Greensboro but I do want to travel both within and outside of the country.
    As far as hobbies, I’m a gamer/computer nerd so anything dealing with video games or computer hardware/software will peak my interest. I do like to work out, though I don’t do it as much as I could. I’m looking into learning some mixed martial arts for the combo of the knowledge and the physical fitness. I also like to cook and try new things in the kitchen.
    TV shows and movies, I’m really into anime, but beyond that shows like 2 and a Half Men, Shark Tank, NCIS, Tosh.0, Family Guy, The Simpsons, a few fix-up shows (Bar Rescue, Kitchen Nightmares) and very few ‘reality TV’ shows. I’ll leave the list at that cause I could keep going. Movies: Ted has taken one of my top spots along with the Fast and Furious franchise (minus Tokyo Drift), Friday, Real Genius and I really need to go to the movies sometime soon cause there a few in theaters that I want to see.
    I’ve never really thought of my perfect weekend but at the least I want to go out for the nightlife, spend a small amount of time in the gym, hanging out with friends.
    I have a few things that may be a bit contradictory but I don’t care. I do finance work, but I also do quite a bit of coding for a browser based game. It just gives me a bit of creative leisure as well as a productive skill I get to see how it affects others. Also partially since I’m into anime/manga I’m currently learning Japanese. It’s been a bit slow going but I’m tempted to throw a 6 month learning goal on it.

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