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1 Trick for Being a LOUD and Proud Real Estate Investor

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LOUD and Proud Real Estate Investor

Leads, leads, leads.

I’m attending my local real estate investor’s club meeting tonight and getting ready to socialize with acquaintances and friends.

There is something special that I make sure to do at every real estate club meeting or group function I attend.

Seller leads come from advertising that you put out into the world, such as; bandit signs, postcards, letters, door knocking, calls to fsbos, car magnets, direct mail campaigns, etc.

On the other foot there is marketing which is branding yourself as a specific type of investor that is looking for a specific type of deal. One thing I make sure to do is to stand up and make a dignified-spectacle of myself at local club meetings.

The end result is that I get noticed and remembered. What I say is the same thing every time, and folks get used to hearing it.

Imagine you are attending a new real estate investor’s club meeting. Who do you most remember at these meetings? Chances are you will most remember the host of the event, the speaker, and perhaps one or two other people that you already know.

Most real estate clubs have a “wanted” or “needs” or “shameless promotions” section of the meeting where you may stand up and advertise your wants or services. What better way to get your message across to active investors that are actively spending money to advertise for sellers.

This technique works best if you are looking for a specific property type or offer a particular service. See a past article I wrote about the importance of specializing in real estate.

The One Thing I Say..

When I stand up at meetings, which I always do, I say:

“Hello, my name is John Fedro. My number is _____________. I love mobile homes. I love every mobile home you see. Mobile homes on private land, mobile homes inside parks, any age, and any shape. If you have a mobile home lead you don’t want or you need help working the deal call me. Every lead you send me will be answered. Again my name is John Fedro and my phone number is ________________.”

Please feel free to copy my shameless introduction and/or customize it to fit your own needs.

The moral of the story is to stand out and be remembered.

Love what you do daily,

John Fedro

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Investing since 2002, John started in real estate accidentally with a four-bedroom mobile home inside of a pre-existing mobile home park. Over the next 11 months, John added 10 more mobile homes to...
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    Frank Iglesias
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Great Article! As an investor, we really need to think something that could make us stand in the crowd in order to get more leads.
    John Fedro
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Hi Frank, Thanks for commenting and the kind words. Happy to help you. Talk soon, John Fedro
    Lisa Phillips
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    In any industry, being willing to be aggressive about communicating what you are looking for, helps bring that asset to you. Good article
    John Fedro
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Hi Lisa, I agree exactly. If you got a great product, which is yourself, then be loud and proud about it and let others know. Thanks for commenting. Talk soon, John Fedro
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Out of curiosity do you notice people taking down your number? I have never noticed anyone doing it even if I end up getting mobbed at the end of the meeting by potential wholesalers. I don’t bother with my number anymore. Sometimes if I have a little more time I will say my simple “[email protected]” email (better than the ones with my name since people will do Shawn or Sean and not get to me). Anyone that wants my info will usually approach me and I give out cards like candy. Not criticizing just curious. I do fully agree that you need to stand out a little if you want to be remembered especially if the meeting is big and there are dozens of people doing intros. I always say my basic info and where I am looking and such, but I usually say something along the lines of “and I will buy crap that nobody else in this room will even consider”, because it is true, and that gets people interested.
    John Fedro
    Replied almost 7 years ago
    Hi Shaun, Thanks for commenting. I am glad to see you also making a dignified spectacle of yourself at real estate meetings. Good to see you separating yourself from the herd by saying “crap”. I bet it does get a few heads turning. With regards to your questions I actually do see pen to paper writing down my number. Either way though as long a people know you exist that is the important thing, then if they get a lead that fits your “crappy” description they can always ask around about you. Talk soon, John Fedro
    John Walsh from Boston, MA
    Replied almost 6 years ago
    Great posts by John and Shaun…well done!