5 Bedroom Designs Even I Couldn’t Think Up

5 Bedroom Designs Even I Couldn’t Think Up

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The great folks I flip houses with understand that I’m a bit of a dreamer. When I walk through a house before renovations begin, I like to envision what the finished product is going to look like.

Most of my creative juices get used up in the design of the kitchen and bathroom. I will be the first to admit that the bedrooms are sometimes overlooked. In many instances a bedroom is just another plain old room with a door, closet and  a window or two.

And I feel that’s just not fair…

So today I wanted to share with you 5 bedroom designs that blew my socks off. These designs are breathtaking, creative and one of a kind – especially #5 which I can’t stop looking at.

How do you feel you could incorporate a feature of these bedroom designs into your next renovation?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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#1 | Island Bedroom, France

Takeaway – I may not be able to pull off an “open to the elements” bedroom design like this one here in chilly New England, but I can certainly utilize the theme to help create a charming, ocean side feeling to any houses I flip along the New England coastline.

#1 island bedroom France

#2 | Underwater Bedroom, Maldives

Takeaway – This bedroom is the epitome of allowing in nature. We can create a similar (and much simpler!) effect by creatively using windows that fill the room with natural light. Nobody wants to sleep in a dark little nook.

#2 underwater bedroom Maldives

#3 | Holy Closet, Farnham Royal

Takeaway – People have a lot of “stuff” here in the United States and they want some place nice to put it. Floor-to-ceiling glass fronted showcases solely for shoes may not be in my budget, but I never underestimate the importance of good closet space.

#3 Holy Closet Farnham Royale

#4 | The Power Of Brick

Takeway – Instead of tearing it down, how could you take advantage of character that is already present in the house, like an old brick wall?

#4 The Power Of Brick

#5 | What A View, Hamilton Island

Takeaway – It doesn’t get much better than waking up to a view like the one in the above photo. Lets face it, most of the houses we flip are not going to have incredible views. Nevertheless, I feel it’s important to look at the landscape around the house-how can you make the most of the view you do have?

#5 What A View Hamilton Island