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What is Real Estate Syndication – Really?

Ben Leybovich
1 min read
What is Real Estate Syndication – Really?

I think I’ve said it before, though I don’t remember where or why – world of Real Estate Investing is a confusing one.

Have you noticed this?  All of the double meanings, ambiguities, and every kind of uncertainty that one can think of is presents in abundance.

The same term can and often does mean different things to different people, depending on their background and training, and different terms can in reality represent the same – it’s downright silly at times…

“Television preachers with grey hair and dimples, God’s honest truth is it ain’t that simple…” ~ Jimmy Buffett

One of the flavor of the month buzz words flying around on the BiggerPockets forums lately is Syndication – everyone wants to know what it is, everyone wants to do it, and a bunch of people claim that they have done it.  Let’s talk about it – shall we?

What is Real Estate Syndication?

In principal, to syndicate, as this relates to real estate investment, is simply an act of pulling money together from partners/investors to accommodate acquisition of assets.

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This is the basic premise, but there are many ways to accomplish this stated objective, each with accompanying benefits, and drawbacks.  I explore some of these similarities and differences in the forthcoming video – please enjoy…

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