BiggerPockets Podcast 070: From Zero to Hundreds of Deals in Under Two Years with Grant Kemp

BiggerPockets Podcast 070: From Zero to Hundreds of Deals in Under Two Years with Grant Kemp

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On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down and chat with a real estate investor who is absolutely CRUSHING IT in a very unique niche.  Grant Kemp, from the Dallas Area, got his start in real estate only 2 years ago and already has hundreds of transactions under his belt, and regularly purchases 6-15 properties a month!

On the show today, Grant shares with us the dirty details on his business and shows how YOU can start capitalizing on more leads, make more income, and spend less (or even none) of your own money to make it all happen!  The best part is: Grant’s strategy relies on generating profits from leads that most real estate investors simply throw away by utilizing subject-to purchases and mortgage wraps! Don’t miss a second of this incredible interview and prepare to have your mind blown!

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In This Show, We Cover:

  • What “Subject To” investing is, and how you can use it to acquire properties for little to nothing down.
  • What a wrap-around mortgage is
  • How to protect yourself from the ‘due-on-sale’ clause
  • How to use sell to the owner-finance market
  • How Grant uses other wholesalers to grow his network
  • Where to find leads for subject-to deals
  • Clarity on the Dodd Frank from someone who actually read it in it’s entirety
  • The importance of full-disclosure when doing subject to
  • Selling via seller financing to get incredible returns
  • And a lot more!

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