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Start Small: How Purchasing 1 Investment Property A Year For 10 Years is Really All You Need

Lisa Phillips
1 min read

When you’re getting started in real estate investing, you hear so much advice from experienced investors, its really hard to determine a strategy on where to start.

I have one bit of advice for you in order to help break this real estate investing thing down, and give you a model that can help make you comfortable getting started. Here it is:

Let’s see you put your goal to obtaining 1 home a year, for 10 years.

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I’ll explain why and how this mindset can give you a great frame work from which to start your career, and keep your expectations and perceptions in line with the reality of venturing into real estate.

As you get more experienced, you will naturally progress to speedier turn around times, more affordably and with less risks. But starting out, keep it simple.

Lisa Phillips

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