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Quitting Your Job, Buy & Hold Investing, and Succeeding With High-End Rentals with Brie Schmidt

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Quitting Your Job, Buy & Hold Investing, and Succeeding With High-End Rentals with Brie Schmidt

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to sit down with a real estate investor who just said “you’re fired!” to her day job and became a full-time real estate investor!

We are talking with Brie Schmidt, who invests in a wide range of rental properties in the Midwest and shares some incredible insight into how she finds them, finances them, and manages them. In our conversation we dive into some really important topics regarding personal finances, getting your first deal, working with your spouse, tenant-friendly laws, when to quit your job, and a lot more! You are going to LOVE this episode!

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In This Show We Cover…

  • Why Brie chose a triplex for her first primary residenceBiggerPockets-Podcast-Cover
  • Choosing appreciation vs. cash flow in a buy and hold investment
  • Why Brie decided to diversify her investments into long-distance investing.
  • What makes an area “landlordfriendly” vs. “tenant friendly
  • Dealing with maintenance request issues.. even while on vacation.
  • Why Brie calls herself a “YouTube Landlord
  • Real Estate as a hobby vs. a business
  • Why Brie encourages Pets.. even a 120lb dog!
  • When should you quit your job?
  • Investing with your spouse: how to make it work
  • House Hacking and using your personal finances to fund your investments
  • Using online software to help you control your spending and invest in real estate
  • The one question that Brie asked that led to a ton of deals, financing, and partnerships.
  • Should you allow smokers in your rental unit?
  • And a TON more!

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Connect with Brie:

Brie’s BiggerPocket Profile
Brie’s Twitter: @ChicagoBrie
Brie’s Website: ChicagoBrie.com


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