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Hybrid Investing, Long Distance Rentals, and Property Management with Mike McKinzie

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Hybrid Investing, Long Distance Rentals, and Property Management with Mike McKinzie

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we chat with Mike McKinzie, a full time real estate investor from Garden Grove, CA. Mike is an investor and former property manager who has personally dealt with over 5,000 real estate transactions, but focuses most of his attention today on using property management to invest both locally and out of state.

This show explores a variety of topics related to buy and hold real estate investing and offers a significant amount of actionable information on how to set up property management, covering everything from what questions to ask, what should be expected, and a whole lot more!

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In This Show We Cover…


  • Growing up in a real estate family
  • Hybrid real estate investing
  • The key is to success in rental properties  
  • Getting your real estate license as an investor
  • How to prepare yourself for future-changing markets
  • If you’re going to invest based on appreciation, THIS is how you do it! 
  • The importance of updating trusts…
  • How property managers can turn into lead sources
  • How do you vet property managers?
  • What does a property manager do?
  • Managing your own portfolio
  • How neighbors will help you keep an eye on your property
  • How to deal with HOA’s the right way!
  • The importance of due diligence 
  • The difference between housing classes
  • Dealing with marijuana
  • And a whole lot more!

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