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How Tyler Made $100,000 Through the BiggerPockets Forums (Video Included!)

Andy McFarland
2 min read
How Tyler Made $100,000 Through the BiggerPockets Forums (Video Included!)

“You’re just wasting your time online reading that real estate stuff!”

Ever hear that from anyone? Can BiggerPockets REALLY help you succeed and make money in REAL LIFE? I’m asking a serious question here. Are you just wasting your time surfing the forums and reading these blog posts? Can it translate into real world success?

The Backstory

Allow me to introduce you to Tyler Bond, a frustrated 20-year-old who knew he wanted to be something bigger and better than “mediocre.” 

I met Tyler through the BiggerPockets Forums just a little over a year ago. He’d put up a post about the frustration he was having starting out as a real estate investor. In fact, that same day he had spoken to some joker-wholesaler who had told him that he had their small town “on lock.” The guy even went so far as to tell Tyler, “Real estate doesn’t work like it used to.” 

Tyler was super down and a little ticked off. I read what he wrote about doubting that real estate investing even works, and I posted a response to the thread. Nothing too elaborate: basically, I just told him to give me a call if he wanted. I’m in his area, and I’ve been an active investor for over ten years. 

I didn’t expect to hear from him, to be honest. Most people just don’t take the time or put in the effort to do much, let alone pick up the phone and call somebody they really don’t know. But Tyler called. We talked for a while, and then talked again a few days later. I could tell he was serious about wanting to learn, and he was willing to take action, so I invited him to come down and spend a day with me.

As I continued to get to know Tyler, and as he shared more of his story with me, I grew to like him even more. He’s an amazing guy.

For the past year, Tyler has worked his face off. Just about everyone around him told him what he was doing wouldn’t work, but he never stopped pushing. Eventually, as it does, it all paid off. The checks started rolling in. And in his first year, Tyler made over $100,000 NET wholesaling houses.

Want to see the rest of the story? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video should be worth a million.

Tyler Bond: A BiggerPockets Success Story

So let me end with the same question I started with: Can BiggerPockets REALLY help you succeed and make money in REAL LIFE?

Don’t be shy, I want to hear your bigger pockets success story! What effect has BiggerPockets had on your life?

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