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0 to 400 Deals (in 5 Years!) via Smart Marketing with Erik Stark

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0 to 400 Deals (in 5 Years!) via Smart Marketing with Erik Stark

Many people take their time in building their real estate investing… but not today’s guest, who has used his incredible marketing skills to do more than 400 deals in the past five years!

Erik Stark got his start after he had been flipping cars out of high school and wanted to move on to bigger, better things. Since then, Erik has tried his hand at wholesaling, as well as purchasing single family homes, commercial property, bulk estates, multi-family homes, and more — by his estimation, closing over 400 deals. Learn how he implements creative, eye-catching marketing techniques we can (almost) guarantee you’ve never heard of, as well as how he chooses which types of investments to make within his market.

Erik’s business philosophy of adding value to others’ lives through his deals will leave you inspired, and his many unique tips will have you reaching outside the box for innovative ways to grow your business. Don’t miss out on this information-packed episode!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Erik got his start by flipping cars near Detroit
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  • Why embracing networking as a lifestyle can be life-changing
  • The importance of focusing on a well-executed marketing plan
  • How buying a house in a C-Class neighborhood can help finance a house in an A-Class neighborhood (see: napkin sketch below)
  • The benefits of doing business in a market you know
  • How to decide your focus within the real estate market
  • What exactly a “swipe file” of competitors is and how it can help YOU
  • An innovative way to execute direct mail when you don’t have the money
  • What to look for in a partnership
  • The genius marketing technique known as the “drunk letter
  • The importance of loving what you do and waking up inspired
  • And LOTS more!

Links from the Show

The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner

Books Mentioned in the Show

  • Don’t Get Voted Off Real Estate Island by Mike Cantu (not on Amazon)
  • Principles of Marketing by Theodore N., Maynard, & Davidson, William Beckman
  • Real Estate Rewind – BiggerPockets Community Book

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