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The Incredibly Simple (Free) App That’s Going to Revolutionize How You Manage Real Estate Projects Forever

Brandon Turner
3 min read
The Incredibly Simple (Free) App That’s Going to Revolutionize How You Manage Real Estate Projects Forever

Have you ever enjoyed dinner at a fabulous restaurant or experienced incredible customer service at a local store?  What’s the first thing you want to do?

If you are anything like me, you probably want to tell your friends all about it.

We love to share stuff with others that we find awesome, useful, or interesting and today I’m excited to share something pretty awesome with you.  For any real estate house flippers, agents, property managers, wholesalers, or anyone else in the real estate industry – this new app is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

It’s called “Dispatch.tv” and it’s all about helping you manage your life with video. Let me explain how it works.

(I’m not connected with Dispatch.tv at all and don’t get any sort of compensation from bragging about them. I just really like it!)

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How Dispatch.tv Works

Before I explain exactly how it works, let me first explain why it’s important.

Whether you are a real estate investor, a real estate agent, property manager, or something entirely different, you are a busy person, I know. You are probably trying to manage multiple projects, deals, properties, or whatever.

  • Let’s just say you are a house flipper. Your need to check out how the fireplace tile turned out over on your 123 Main street, but a photo isn’t going to give you the “full picture.” Your contractor or project manager could send you a video, but he’s likely going to upload it to youtube to get lost in the mess and open for the world to see. It’s tough to stay organized this way.
  • Or let’s say you are a real estate agent, showing houses to an out-of-state investor. You could take photos, but you want to go a step further. Again, you could upload videos to youtube, but the process is cumbersome and you want to make this quick.
  • Or let’s say you are a landlord or property manager and you want to document the move-in condition of a property before a new tenant takes control.  You know videos are a lot more effective in showing the condition than pictures, but you don’t want to store all these videos on your computer to lose or on YouTube for the world to see, but you want your clients/owners/partners to be able to see the condition whenever they want.

Dispatch.tv is an incredibly simple (and free) app that allows you to shoot video on your iPhone and easily upload it to a private online room that is viewable by whoever you would like.

IMG_2548 3.PNGSharing the page is as simple as providing their email address.  These “rooms” are called Channels and they are a great way to keep your videos organized, private, simple, and easy to access. The neat part is: The only one who needs to open a Dispatch.tv free account is the one who creates the room. Everyone else is simply invited to engage in the channel with an email address. I think this is one of the strongest features on Dispatch.tv – as you don’t need all your team to join. They just need an email.

Going back to the three examples I mentioned a moment ago:

  • The contractor could shoot simple photos and upload them to the “123 Main Street” channel. One video could be the fireplace, another the drywall. Another the flooring.  And the video is instantly reviewable by anyone who is in the “channel.”  You can view it, leave comments about the progress, and invite others to view as well.
  • The real estate agent can simply upload a video of each room of the property, and share the channel with their prospective out of town buyer. The buyer can simply open the page on any computer, tablet, or phone and watch the video tour of the property, making a purchase decision much easier.
  • IMG_2551The landlord can simply shoot videos of the property and upload them to the Dispatch.tv channel for that property.  They can share the room with others, when needed, and have easy access to the videos anytime. When the tenant moves out, they can simply look back at the videos to see exactly the condition of the property and charge the tenant for any damages.

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I’m a huge productivity and organizational junkie, which is why I am pretty excited about how Dispatch.tv is going to help me run my business more effectively.

The only thing I wish the app had was:

  • The ability to upload photos as well
  • An Android version, which I assume is coming soon. I just assume most of my contractors have android, not an iPhone.

Other than that, I think this app is going to be incredibly helpful for me. What do you think?

Check out Dispatch.tv by clicking here – and don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

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