How Tyler Made $100,000 Through the BiggerPockets Forums (Video Included!)

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“You’re just wasting your time online reading that real estate stuff!”

Ever hear that from anyone? Can BiggerPockets REALLY help you succeed and make money in REAL LIFE? I’m asking a serious question here. Are you just wasting your time surfing the forums and reading these blog posts? Can it translate into real world success?

The Backstory

Allow me to introduce you to Tyler Bond, a frustrated 20-year-old who knew he wanted to be something bigger and better than “mediocre.” 

I met Tyler through the BiggerPockets Forums just a little over a year ago. He’d put up a post about the frustration he was having starting out as a real estate investor. In fact, that same day he had spoken to some joker-wholesaler who had told him that he had their small town “on lock.” The guy even went so far as to tell Tyler, “Real estate doesn’t work like it used to.” 

Tyler was super down and a little ticked off. I read what he wrote about doubting that real estate investing even works, and I posted a response to the thread. Nothing too elaborate: basically, I just told him to give me a call if he wanted. I’m in his area, and I’ve been an active investor for over ten years. 

I didn’t expect to hear from him, to be honest. Most people just don’t take the time or put in the effort to do much, let alone pick up the phone and call somebody they really don’t know. But Tyler called. We talked for a while, and then talked again a few days later. I could tell he was serious about wanting to learn, and he was willing to take action, so I invited him to come down and spend a day with me.

As I continued to get to know Tyler, and as he shared more of his story with me, I grew to like him even more. He’s an amazing guy.

For the past year, Tyler has worked his face off. Just about everyone around him told him what he was doing wouldn’t work, but he never stopped pushing. Eventually, as it does, it all paid off. The checks started rolling in. And in his first year, Tyler made over $100,000 NET wholesaling houses.

Want to see the rest of the story? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video should be worth a million.

Tyler Bond: A BiggerPockets Success Story

So let me end with the same question I started with: Can BiggerPockets REALLY help you succeed and make money in REAL LIFE?

Don’t be shy, I want to hear your bigger pockets success story! What effect has BiggerPockets had on your life?

About Author

Andy has been an active real estate investor since 2002. He owns a wholesale company, a retail flipping company, and is a buy-and-hold investor. He currently gives back by producing documentary-style videos that show the real world of real estate investing. Come hang out with him on YouTube & Twitter!


  1. Mohammad Asaduddin(Asad) on

    I have commented on the value of BP blogs and posts that they have a wealth of information. My hot search right now is creating systems and guidelines for assistants and VA’s. I will try to dig that topic in the posts and will welcome any help. Tyler is amazing.

    • Andy McFarland on

      Thanks Mike! I appreciate the love for my first blog post. Tyler’s story is inspirational, and I hope it does inspire others to keep going. I think we struggle at times and need motivation, seeing a 20 year old who made it happen, starting with nothing, means anyone can do it. 🙂

  2. Thank you guys for sharing your inspirational story!

    BP has changed my life. Thanks to BP I notice that I’m taking more risks, no just in RE, but my personal finances in general and even in personal matters. I, that had no business skills at all, am becoming a businesswoman and a more confident person.

    BP rocks!!!!

    • Vania, thank you for checking it out! I’m glad BiggerPockets is having a positive effect on your life as well. I think there are probably thousands of similar stories from people who’s lives have been changed from what they have learned, or who they have met as a result of BiggerPockets.

  3. Wow, Honestly needed this. So much inspiration in this video. Made my day honestly… I myself am 20 years old getting into wholesaling here in Riverside Ca. I had the same problem as you Tyler, been devouring information here in BP. The hardest part for me is taking that first step. Congratulations Tyler, you are inspiring people around the world by making it happen at this age. Keep up the hard work and im sure ill see you at the top!

    • Jose, I’m glad this video helped pick you up. We all need that from time to time. Sometimes we just need to believe that it is possible, and seeing someone else do it makes us believe. Don’t get me wrong, the secret ingredient is always hard work. But you CAN do it. I’ll pass along to Tyler that his story made your day (he is on a two year hiatus on a mission so he won’t be on the BP forums).

  4. Bernard Ramirez on

    This is a great video! I knew the day I joined BP that it is definetely the place for all things Real Estate and that its members just plain rock! Great work and thanks for sharing @Andy McFarland.

    • Kent, do you mean the property that Tyler sold me wholesale where he made a 45k profit? That deal is actually already done and sold. I put a three part video series on my own blog about it. It was an interesting story and there are definitely some key takeaways other investors an learn from.

    • It absolutely will Eric. Education in this business is really important, but taking action is what will make you successful. Continue to learn, but also remember to act. Don’t wait till everything is “perfect” before you start or else you will never start! 🙂

      Thanks again for the comment.

    • You are the average of your five closest friends/associates, choose them at your own risk! You are right, it is easy to get discouraged with negative “mediocre” people around you. Add better people to your “fav 5” and you will magically get better results! 🙂

    • Lisa & Scott, thank you both for checking out the video! Again, having people say that this story/video inspires them makes it all worth it. We all need inspiration every now and then. I emailed Tyler earlier tonight and let him know that his story is inspiring others. He is currently serving a two year mission for his church so he has limited internet use, and he has to focus on his task at hand. He felt so blessed over his 1 1/2 years in real estate he knew he needed to give back. He truly is an amazing guy with wisdom beyond his years.

  5. Brian O'Connor on

    Good story guys. Best of luck to you, Tyler. It’s impressive what was accomplished with prayer, hard work, good choices, and good guidance from your friend’s Uncle Dan and Andy. Thanks for sharing.

  6. From the first two seconds of music in the video, it reminded me of another video I watched about a month ago (Bedtime Story). I paused it, and looked up the Author to make sure lol.

    Good job again Andy. This fuels my desire even more to make videos detailing my real estate career. Can’t wait to get started on deal number two, and document it this time.

    • That’s a good memory Michael! You are correct, it is the same song. My brother (who is the master behind the camera and the video editor) wrote that song and we use it in ALL of the videos. Not many people notice that. My brother gets a kick out of altering the song for every video we do, it is kind of my video blogs theme song. 🙂

  7. Andy M.

    Greg, Thank you for the comment and encouragement! See, I’ve been slammed with business lately and haven’t put together another BP post, but your comment makes me want to get back to it and create another BP post. 🙂

    • Andy M.

      Awesome Will. I love hearing that. Tyler was just a “normal” 19 year old kid, he didn’t start with a bunch of money. He just took a lot of action and didn’t take no for an answer. Anyone really can do it, they just have to get the fundamentals and TAKE ACTION. Thanks again for the comment.

  8. Jason Johnson

    Andy, this was a great video. Very inspirational as all have said. It shows that with hard work and little money people can do this. You just have to keep pressing forward when adversity comes, which it always will. You are a giver Andy. I love your iloverealestatestories blog also. See you on the MM.

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