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How to Turn Your Social Media Feeds into Positivity-Building, Helpful Tip-Spewing Machines

Brandon L.
5 min read
How to Turn Your Social Media Feeds into Positivity-Building, Helpful Tip-Spewing Machines

The new investor haste.

I see new members regularly get on BiggerPockets, and they immediately want to know how to purchase that first house, apartment complex, or whatever else is burning in their brains, but over the years I have learned there is more to being an investor than buying a property. Anyone with credit and some cash can buy those things — they are called buyers, not investors. So we have to go back to the basics.

Why Did You Become an Investor?

I have made it a habit to ask myself this question every day. The answer for many on the BiggerPockets Forums is one word: FREEDOM. Of course, you can go buy some houses or a few apartment complexes and make some decent income comparable to what you would make at a 9-5 job, but is that REALLY why you became an investor?

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If so, I’m glad you are happy; keep doing what you are doing. To me, true freedom is achieved with massive success. So if you are working towards massive, buy-a-private-jet success, first you must be patient, and second…

Change Your Mindset to Support Massive Success

No one is perfect, myself included. There are many habits that need to be unlearned and replaced by new ones, and I believe that unbreakable positivity should be in the top ten list of things you implement before even thinking about purchasing a property. This is a very difficult task, and it takes hard work.

An idea that I read has stuck with me: This person said that we all have a positive and a negative beast inside of us. The one we choose to feed the most will be the one that wins the battle, taking over our minds and everything we do (or don’t do). So if you are constantly surrounding yourself with negativity, you will become negative, and you will quit when it gets hard (and it will get hard).

What I Did to Boost My Positivity

Social media is a part of all our lives. We keep up with family, we conduct marketing to find houses to buy, we connect with sellers, mentors, and peers, and we get advice. If you are not using social media to do all this, try it. In my opinion, Facebook can be one of the best sources of food to feed your positivity beast inside of you.

These are the steps I took to improve the food I was getting out of it.

1. Delete every single negative person or page you see in your feed.

I know this probably sounds easy to you, but it may not be. This includes friends and family. I took a few days and deleted every news page, military page (I was in the Army; you may not be a part of these), political pages, and any page that generally posts any opinion that I feel temps me to engage in conversations that are pointless or time and energy drains.

Then I moved on to individual people. If I see you complaining about your life more than 5 times, you’re gone. Same with habitually negative people or ones who share anything from the pages I deleted. I’m ruthless. This doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them in the real world, but your positivity machine should not be allowed to feed you negativity. Cut it out as soon as you see it.

2. Add pages/groups that will support your goals by providing knowledge.

For massive success, you need to always be learning, so I began to add pages that would feed me knowledge. Some of them include real estate agent groups that help deal with overcoming objections and improving sales skills, as well as investor networking pages, lender networking pages, marketing pages, and anything that would feed me information to learn or that I could use to network with peers to figure out problems. The knowledge you learn from these sources will help you achieve small winds to build momentum, which also feeds positivity.

3. Continue deleting negative people/pages.

This is pretty self-explanatory; you will miss some the first time. Be ruthless, and don’t apologize. Sometimes they like to hide out.

4. Seek out top investors, real estate agents, business people, or anyone who is achieving massive success, and add them to your positivity machine.

I feel that one of the biggest advantages to social media are the billionaires and multi-millionaires out there sharing knowledge every day! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! Grant Cardone posts multiple videos a day, sharing knowledge, positivity, and tips to help you get to where he is, along with many others.

Why are you watching pointless videos, or reading pointless status messages with people complaining about life, when Grant Cardone or some other successful person can be in your face every day sharing tips and motivation to keep you going?

5. Seek out peers who are just as hungry as you, and add them.

There are others out there who want exactly what you want. Network with them, work together to get paid, hold each other accountable. All this can be done, even if you are not in the same state.

6. Seek out individuals who are 5-10 years ahead of you, and — you guessed it — add them.

These individuals are still relatively accessible because they have not reached the “guru” level, but they are well established and on their way. They will be happy to give you information, but make sure that you don’t waste their time with questions you can find with a little search on the BiggerPockets Forums.

For example, don’t ask, “How do I get my first deal?” or “How do I fund my first deal?” They are busy and can’t take you step by step, but if you get a deal under contract and the numbers are good, you might be able to ask, “Do you know someone who would be interested in purchasing this house/investing in this apartment complex/commercial building?” Whatever the case may be.

7. Add motivational pages/speakers.

I read 100 motivational quotes when I wake up, at lunch, and before I go to bed. This is easy because I have a ton of motivational pages/people in my feed: Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brendon Burchard, and many the other positive people out there working hard for financial freedom every day, constantly being positive.

I can read 100 quotes or stories in less than fifteen minutes. I also have a lot of fine art digital photographers in my friends list. I find amazing photographs to be motivating and relaxing at the same time. You can also start sharing your own quotes; it’s amazing how a little action like that can help other people who may need.

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We all became investors for a reason, and all of us need to fuel the marathon towards massive real estate success. Rushing to buy your first house to impress the girls or just to say you are an investor is the complete wrong way to get started. Be patient and change your mindset to support your goals. After you build your positivity machine and you start to achieve small wins, momentum will be created, and that will also feed positivity that will help you roll through any obstacles that may come your way.

Wife left you because you bought an ugly house that you couldn’t sell? No problem.

Dog mauled you when you were knocking on doors to invite the neighbors to an open house? No problem.

Broke your back when you fell off the roof trying to repair it yourself? Not a problem!

This is possible when your positivity is at a high level and when there are no negative people influencing your thoughts. No matter what your goals are, being a more positive person will attract more good things to you than ever imagined.

How do you keep your head up when problems arise? Where do you find your daily inspiration?

Leave me a comment below, and let’s talk!

Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.