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The One Thing Every Real Estate Investor Should Do Each Morning

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As a real estate investor, it’s difficult to find time in the day for all of the things that need to be done. From managing your properties and portfolio to handling other personal and professional obligations, your schedule is busy. We get it. However, there’s one thing that you absolutely have to make time for in the morning; it has the potential to change the entire course of your day.

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Start Your Day Off Right

Morning routines are key if you want to be successful. They allow you to start off the day right and dictate the trajectory of what comes next. And while everyone is different, there’s one thing all real estate investors must incorporate into their morning routine: 20-30 minutes of reading.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a 300-page novel or boring real estate textbook. We’re talking about exposing yourself to fresh, relevant online sources each and every day. Here are a few reasons why you need to make online reading a priority:

Identify new opportunities.

The only way to genuinely gauge what’s happening in your market is to expose yourself to as many sources as possible. If you’re constantly talking to the same people and referencing the same stories, do you really know what’s happening around you? By engulfing yourself in timely and relevant content, you can quickly identify new opportunities as they develop.

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Learn new strategies.

There are always more real estate acquisition and investing strategies out there. By engaging with industry experts and listening to new ideas, you can learn new strategies that may allow you to become more successful.

Break the status quo.

Finally, honing a new habit is good for your daily routine. It encourages you to break the status quo and refuel your brain. It may not seem like a big deal, but switching up your routine can spark innovation and drive creativity—two things real estate investors lack much of the time.

4 Online Resources Worth Bookmarking

While you’ll want to find a handful of local publications that pertain to your real estate market, here are four big-picture resources worth bookmarking and skimming each morning:

  • BiggerPockets Blog. Okay, maybe this is a little biased—but you should bookmark the BiggerPockets Blog. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, there’s always content that you’ll find valuable.
  • Write Your Own Reality. This blog is a good one to bookmark because it’s all about turning your financial dreams into reality—a great source of inspiration to start out your morning right. It also includes a list of recommended finance and investing blogs to read, so you’ll never be short on content.
  • Real Estate in Your Twenties. Young investors will find the Real Estate in Your Twenties blog extremely helpful. It’s always good to surround yourself with people who are doing similar things, and this blog takes a practical look at many of the issues young investors face.
  • Cash Flow Diaries. With a “Net Worth Tracker” that discloses this blogger’s progress towards his personal financial goals and plenty of interviews, this blog is a good place to gauge how your journey compares to other investors’ and for information on turnkey rentals, saving money, building wealth, and more.

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Make Time for Tasks That Matter

Your day is too important to waste valuable time on unproductive tasks. As a real estate investor, you need to wake up each morning and immerse yourself in new ideas, trends, and reports. Think of this as your homework time; take notes if you have to. Whatever you do, make time for continual education. You’ll end up being a savvier, more successful investor as a result.

Investors: What are your favorite blogs to read daily (besides the BP blog of course)? 🙂

Let us know what’s on your list!

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    Alexander A. investor from Indianapolis, Indiana
    Replied about 4 years ago
    Hi Larry, what a great article. I completely agree with you about starting your day off right. By doing this and setting the tempo for the day, it tends to set off great vibes and other people notice it. The more people you are able to get to engage with you and network, the more opportunities will come. Oh and thanks so much for mentioning my blog (Cash Flow Diaries). I am have never been more passionate about reaching financial independence then I am now and it’s all from my rental properties. Still far away from retiring but Im happily on my way there.
    Erika Carter from Chicago, IL
    Replied about 4 years ago
    Great article Larry! I try to read hard copies of book in the am and online posts like BP thru out my day!
    James Green wholesaler from Waldorf, Maryland
    Replied about 4 years ago
    @LARRY ALTON, great article. Since I still have a day job & a long commute, I spend most days listening to various REI podcasts on the way to work. Then once I get to work I get my blog reading in. It helps that I’m a senior lead on my team, so I delegate when I need to.
    Jimmy Boyd investor from Calumet City, Illinois
    Replied about 4 years ago
    Thank you guys for inviting on this site. I’m fairly new to Realestate investing. I had 4 property s under my belt and lost money. I want to learn how to do It the right way and be very profitable. Looking forward to working with anyone out there. Thanks again
    Minh Le specialist from San Jose, CA
    Replied about 4 years ago
    Interesting article. Bill Gates, OTOH, does his reading for 1-hour before going to bed. I guess it’s not about reading it in the morning or at night, but one should read to keep oneself immersing in one’s market and trends.
    David White from Edgewood, Maryland
    Replied about 4 years ago
    Great article. I just started a new morning routine which involves bible study and push ups/sit ups. I’ll have to incorporate real estate reading into my routine. I do frequent the Baltimore business journal website from time to time. Maybe I should look at it in the morning. Thanks for the additional links.