6 Superstitions That May Affect Your Real Estate Investing (Happy Friday the 13th!)

6 Superstitions That May Affect Your Real Estate Investing (Happy Friday the 13th!)

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As we all know — or for the few who don’t — today is Friday the 13th. The day where no crack shall be stepped upon, no penny unpicked, and no salt spilt (unless quickly remedied with a pinch of salt tossed over your shoulder, of course). But what does today mean for all of us real estate junkies? And how can today’s superstitions affect us on this unlucky day?

6 Superstitions That May Affect Your Real Estate Investing

Do Not Walk Under That Ladder!

If you’re rehabbing a home today, please, I beg you, PLEASE do not walk under a ladder! But if you do, just be careful to duck to avoid a painful head smack. I’ve learned that in the battle of Head vs. Metal, well, let’s just say Metal has a 8-0 undefeated record.

Woman walking under a step ladder with her fingers crossed

8 Might Just Be Your Lucky Number.

In Chinese culture, it is believed that the number 8 is good luck because it sounds like the Chinese word for wealth. Try adding a couple 8s to your listing price and see what happens!

Digital 8 mosaics in glass walls

Buying a Home on 444 4th Street? HA!

You can’t have a lucky number without an unlucky number. C’mon, there are rules to this thing! The Chinese also believe that the number 4 should be avoided (in addresses) because of its similarity to the Chinese word for death.

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Don’t Bring an Old Broom Into a New House. Are You Crazzzy!?

Whether you just bought a property and want to do some afternoon sweeping or are trying to clean up for your open house, you should definitely consider using a new broom to get the job done. It’s believed that by introducing an old broom into the house, you’d be bringing all your previous misfortunes with you. Out with the old, in with the new!

Although for most of us here on BiggerPockets, I’m sure this superstition will take a backseat to a $10 purchase and an unnecessary trip to the hardware store.

The Good Ol’ Umbrella in the House.

Winter is among us, and depending on where you live (essentially anywhere but Southern California), rain or snow is making us break out the umbrellas. However, beware of opening one up inside. Otherwise, bad luck will “rain” on you for future days to come. Or so it’s said.

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If You Have a Showing or Open House Today, Scatter Some Coins.

Now this you have to try! If you’re selling your home and want to have an offer above asking price (um, who doesn’t?), then try scattering some coins throughout the house. Quarters, nickels, maybe add some centavos or other coins you may have. By doing so, you’re inviting prosperity into the home as believed in the Philippines. And if it doesn’t bring good fortune for you, then it will to your guests who had a nice day collecting quarters throughout the house.

To Believe or Not to Believe?

Superstitions: Athletes have them, the crazy cat lady next door probably has a few of her own, and I’m sure a number of us real estate junkies have a couple as well.

To believe is your choice, and I hope this short list can help bring you good fortune on this day of Friday the 13th!

If you don’t believe in superstitions, then ask yourself, “What if I picked up that one penny?”

The world may never know!

Do YOU believe in any superstitions? 

May luck be on your side today!