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9 Top Notch Holiday Gifts for All Your Favorite Real Estate Investors

Zachary Gwin
3 min read
9 Top Notch Holiday Gifts for All Your Favorite Real Estate Investors

Here is a top 9 list of some great gift ideas for your special investor this holiday season

9 Top Notch Holiday Gifts for All Your Favorite Real Estate Investors

1. BiggerPockets: The Book On…

Real estate investing books are a great present for all investors. Any real estate investor serious about their investments and growing their business will never stop learning their craft. BiggerPockets offers a few of the top REI Books out there that will surely be used and loved.

You can shop the BiggerPockets Book Store or explore our list of all the top REI Books as well here.

2. Cell Phone Battery Case

If you’re married to, dating, or around an agent/investor more than five minutes a day, then you should know battery-case-iphone-back-blackthat their phones are almost an extension of the bodies. A missed phone call could be the deciding factor of whether or not they get that property they’ve been searching for or the last hope of reminding them to pick up your Aunt Debbie from the airport. Help make sure their phones are always charged and good to go with one of these efficient (and stylish) battery phone cases.  

Amazon has some great deals and choices to choose from, including the Amazon iPhone Battery Case.

3. Home Depot Gift Cards

Perhaps one of the best gifts an investor could receive is a Home Depot gift card. Whether your doing a full renovation or doing some simple touch ups, Home Dehomedepot-100-dollar-gift-cardpot is a mecca for supplies and necessities that your investor will undoubtedly require at some point during the coming year. Whether the recipient is a close friend or simply an acquaintance who flips houses or fixes up rentals, this gift card will provide something useful and much appreciated.

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4. Tablet (with App)

A little heavier on the pocket but nothing short of excellent is0088590957514_500X500 the gift of a new tablet. An iPad seems to be the go-to tablet for its sleek look and user-friendly functioning. It’ll help your investor stay organized, reply to emails on the go, and browse or analyze properties using the BiggerPockets Property Calculators. Also, be sure to hook them up with the NEW BiggerPockets App to give them access to all their favorite Forums, blog articles and more!

5. Wine & Hammer

A slightly simpler and more artsy approach that will be appreciated more and more with each delightful sip is 2713bc347d0ea6a10b03c09a0eafaf7fthe cute combination of a bottle of wine with a hammer attached to it, usually strung together by a red ribbon or twine. As we all know, tools and alcohol are always a great mix (this is sarcasm, folks; SAFETY FIRST). In all honesty, though, your investor friend or family member will love this highly useful gift that combines all of their interests into one cutely ribboned package.

Note: Wine may be replaced with Jack Daniels if full-time investor or struggling newbie.

6. Personalized Pen

One gift that is sure to please is a personalized pen. There is something empowering about having your very own pen — one that signs the documents that grow and seal your future for years to come.


It’s an item that boasts “official”anytime it’s drawn to use. Check out your local engraving stores or do a quick search online to see what options of this are out there . Check out Cross.com for a wide variety of styles and pricing.

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7. Home Assessment Tool Kit

If your investor is a beginner, THEY NEED THIS. If they are a pro, THEY NEED THIS. Ok, maybe it’s not an absolute necessity, but highly recommended indeed. Part of being an investor is being able to identify what condition the home is in. You never know when they’ll be out and find that perfect house. This kit might include a flashlight, a marble to test the slope of the floors, a small level to check out other features of the house and a pen and notepad for taking notes.

8. BiggerPockets Pro Membership

avatarObviously, the best present on this entire list (all biases included) is the sweet, sweet gift of a Pro membership on BiggerPockets. Networking, unlimited analysis calculator use, business promotion, and more that you can learn about at www.BiggerPockets.com/Pro.

But really, if your investor loves BiggerPockets and isn’t a Pro member yet, it’s a wonderful gift that won’t disappoint.

9. Leads and Business

If there is any gift that keeps on giving, it’s the gift of more leads. Potential business will put the biggest smile on your investor’s face. Share with your investor whatever knowledge you have of possible properties. In the end, this is a costless gift that can potentially put more money in their pockets than an engraved pen and Home Depot card combined.


The holidays are a beautiful and joyous time of year. It’s a time meant to be shared with loved ones and a time to show appreciation for those who matter to you. So, I hope this short but sure-to-please list of gifts can help you show some appreciation for that investor you care about.

So investors: What’s on YOUR list — to give or get?

Let me know with a comment!

Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.