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The Only Real Estate Investing Mistake You Can’t Ever Really Fix

Sterling White
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The Only Real Estate Investing Mistake You Can’t Ever Really Fix

This might come across as strange, but I feel that real estate can be rather philosophical in a sense. While it might seem odd, this is actually a blessing in disguise. This is because it will allow you to see things in a range of gorgeous shades and hues instead of a boring, monochromic black and white.

There are a lot of shades that come with successful real estate investing. Similar to playing an instrument or a sport, it is a kinesthetic skill that molds the human mind and physical ability in such a way that they become flawless in the utilization of that skill.


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The Loss of Flexibility Over Time

Obviously, similar to most things in life, the earlier a person starts learning a certain skill, the higher the chance this skill will be able to fully blossom and meet a fruitful outcome. For those of you who are wondering why, the answer is actually rather simple. It is because the longer we are exposed to the world, the more our minds and bodies are jaded/conditioned. They start to lose their ability to mold, and with their elasticity decreasing by the day, it becomes far too difficult to start learning how to be flexible again.

Therefore, once your body and mind reach that highly critical moment, it is nearly impossible to start bending them in such a way that they can fully grasp the difficult concepts. So regardless of whether it is learning how to play an instrument or a sport or first dipping your toe into the world of real estate investing, the earlier you start, the more pliable you will be.


Choose Action Over Waiting

If you choose to wait to begin, despite the fact that learning this trade is going to be a bit more painful and far less natural than if you had chosen to begin earlier, so long as you have the persistence and put in the hard work, there is no doubt that you will still be able to go far.

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All in all, my firm belief is that most (if not all) mistakes definitely have the opportunity to be recovered — so as long as there is enough time to actually go in to fix them. In all honesty, the only mistake that we won’t be able to fix is missed time itself, and this is simply because once it flows on by, it is gone for good.

So if I were to change anything or act differently in any way, the only thing I would change would be the fact that I would have chosen to begin sooner! No excuses. Go take action and be great! 

So what’s holding YOU back from beginning — or if you’re already an investor, do you wish you’d begun earlier?

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