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How to Create Your Own Handwritten Font For Free (For Direct Mail Marketing)

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How to make handwritten font

Have you ever received a nice, handwritten letter from a friend or family member?

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Of course you have!

My guess is that you DIDN’T throw it away without reading it.

Am I right?

People don’t throw away handwritten notes or letters without reading them first.

This is why when investors use direct mail marketing to get leads from motivated sellers, handwritten letters generally have a much higher response rate.

In other words, more people call you, wanting to sell you their house!

But I’m guessing you don’t have time to handwrite hundreds or even thousands of letters. You’d spend all your time writing and forget what your spouse looks like.

Bad idea.

Instead, many investors (myself included) turn to “handwritten font.”

What is Handwritten Font?

Handwritten font is exactly what it sounds like: computer font that looks just like handwriting.

I’m sure you’ve seen examples before, as your computer gives you a lot of options.

But let’s be honest: Most of them look terrible.

Just because the font is slanted a little doesn’t mean it looks handwritten.

Of course, you could find some good free fonts online through websites like, but even those can look fake.

Instead, what I do is turn MY OWN HANDWRITING into a computerized font that I can use in Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or other programs on my computer.

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Yes — that means you can TYPE, and it will look just like you wrote it by hand!

Pretty snazzy, huh?

So, how do you create handwritten font?

Here’s how.

How to Create Handwritten Font For Free

Step One: Head to and download the template PDF.

Handwritten Font

Step Two: Next, when you’ve downloaded the PDF or the PNG file onto your computer, simply print out the single-page sheet. It will look like this:


Step Three: Using a sharp (thin) Sharpie (or a thick pen), fill in each letter or character that you see in gray. Use your own style, but try to stay the exact same size as the light grey font you’ll see on the paper.

When I first tried this, I used a ballpoint pen, which didn’t look that good at the end. Later, when I re-made my font with a Sharpie, it worked much better.

Step Four: Next, you’ll need to scan in your completed worksheet to your computer. If you don’t have a scanner, you could try using your smartphone with a scanner app like TinyScanner — just be sure your lighting is good and the photo is taken directly above the document so it doesn’t warp the look of the document.

Step Five: Back on, upload your document from your computer to MyScriptFont. You’ll also want to name your font something that you’ll recognize, such as your name. See image below for instructions on doing this.


You can also choose which format you want to download it in: TTF or OTF. It shouldn’t matter which you choose, as most computers and software can handle either. But I use TTF.

Step Six: Finally, after you have clicked the “Start” button, you’ll land on a page that shows a sample of what your font will look like, using the phase, “The quick brown fox jumps.”

If you are happy with your font, then simply click the name of your font and download it. If you are not happy with the font, simply start this process over and try again! It took me 4-5 tries before I was completely happy with my font.

Step Seven: Once you’ve downloaded the font, you’ll need to install it on your computer. If you have a semi-new computer (within 10 years old), you should be able to simply double-click on the downloaded file and follow the simple prompts to install the font.

If your computer is older than my grandma, you might need to search Google for information on how to install a font. For me, on my Mac, it takes less then five seconds (and two clicks) to install a new font.

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Step Eight: Finally, you’ll need to completely exit out of whatever program you were in, and then restart it. This means if you are creating a piece of direct mail marketing in Microsoft Word, you’ll need to exit Word completely and re-open it. Fonts are loaded when a program is opened up, so your new font will only be available once you’ve completely closed and re-opened the program.

Now you should be able to select your own, personal handwritten font for your document!

Here’s how mine looks:

Brandons-Handwritten-Font 2

So what do you think? Does it look “real” enough to you?

Leave your comments below!

Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast. He began buying rental properties and flipping houses at age 21, discovering he didn’t need to work 40 years at a corporate job to have “the good life.” Today, with nearly 100 rental units and dozens of rehabs under his belt, he continues to invest in real estate while also showing others the power, and impact, of financial freedom. His writings have been featured on,,, Money Magazine, and numerous other publications across the web and in print media. He is the author of The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down, The Book on Rental Property Investing, and co-author of The Book on Managing Rental Properties, which he wrote alongside his wife, Heather, and How to Invest in Real Estate, which he wrote alongside Joshua Dorkin. A life-long adventurer, Brandon (along with Heather and daughter Rosie) splits his time between his home in Washington State and various destinations around the globe.

    Benjamin Cowles from Cape Coral, FL
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Sweet. I do the same but I made mine on my Android phone with this app called “realfont” where you just draw out your letters in your screen. It gets a little more complicated but for any other mobile nuts like myself there ya go. Very nice Brandon. Your font/handwriting strangely looks like mine. My only hope is they recognize somehow even tho it’s a font that I created it by hand making it a hybrid handwritten/printed letter lol, at least a good step above a standard printed letter. I’d guess this method increases the open and even the response rates significantly. I’ve only not used my font with probates and the letters just feel dead, no pun intended, in comparison which makes wonder if I should. I’d definitely have to create a separate neater font for those as my standard handwriting is a bit messy.
    Brandon Turner Investor from Maui, HI
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Nice! Had never heard of realfont – but I have an iPhone 😉 And yeah, I hope to test both handwritten and typed in the future – and compare which actually does better! I assume handwritten- but who knows!
    Julie Marquez Investor from Seattle, Washington
    Replied over 3 years ago
    That looks cool! I love typography, so I just have my own hand written font for fun. What a great idea for beginners. I think it looks pretty real. Hopefully the printing quality is decent too, it looks great!
    Brandon Turner Investor from Maui, HI
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Hey Julie, thanks! I love typography also! And yeah, printing was good (not amazing, but good enough!)
    Kim Martin Rental Property Investor from Wenatchee, WA
    Replied over 3 years ago
    What a fabulous idea Brandon! I think I will also use it to write to grandma!
    Brandon Turner Investor from Maui, HI
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Hahah I thought the same thing! 😉
    Benjamin Cowles from Cape Coral, FL
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Lol, now that’s cheating!
    Christian Bors Real Estate Agent from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
    Replied over 3 years ago
    That’s good stuff. Can’t wait to try it.
    Brandon Turner Investor from Maui, HI
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Good luck! It took me a couple tries to get it perfect, but now it’s done, forever! 🙂
    Kimberly H. Residential Real Estate Broker from Chicago Suburbs, Illinois
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Cool, I had no idea that was possible!
    Nathan Duncan Investor from Blackwell, Oklahoma
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Brilliant idea! Thanks for the tip.
    David Beckley Real Estate Agent from Saint Louis, MO
    Replied over 3 years ago
    This is awesome!!! BiggerPockets does it again!!! A very cost effective way to grow your business!!!! Thanks!
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Thanks for the super-useful post! Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions WITH photos and graphics bring this technique within everyone’s scope, so thank you for making it so clear for us. One question: Do you know if this works with cursive handwriting? Thanks, Brandon!
    Ruth Bayang Investor from Kent, WA
    Replied over 3 years ago
    I’ve tried it but it keeps cutting off my lower case “g” and “y”… yes I stay in the gray lines.
    Steven McPherson from Fort Worth, Texas
    Replied over 3 years ago
    I have the same problem and can’t seem to fix it.
    Matt Powell from Catonsville, MD
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Holy crap, Brandon. This is awesome! Beats using the handwriting services of some of those yellow letter companies. Here’s what I want to know — how did you stumble onto that site?
    James Green Wholesaler from Waldorf, Maryland
    Replied over 3 years ago
    This is straight up NINJA!!! Thank you.
    Replied over 3 years ago
    TY for the tip! Will uploading this font work on a Macbook?
    Replied over 3 years ago
    oops disregard, I just re-read that you did it on your mac. Sorry and thanks again
    Hisham K. from Kansas City, Missouri
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Sweet, Thanks for the tip… I will try to use it for my first ever direct mail campaign… And P.S. I wouldn’t have even considered direct mail if it wasn’t for BP…
    Caleb Friberg Investor from Longview/Kelso, Washington
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Wow, this is a huge time saver! Thanks man!
    Alex Saleeby Specialist from Beaumont, TX
    Replied over 3 years ago
    This is terrific. Will definitely implement it in my marketing campaign. Seems pretty simple. Thanks for the step-by-step detail.
    Marcia Jeanes from Calgary, Alberta
    Replied over 3 years ago
    This is brilliant! I’d seen this sort of of thing before, but it had never occurred to me that is could be used for a yellow letter. Nice one!
    Dave Kinkade
    Replied over 3 years ago
    I can always count on BiggerPockets to bring me things i didn’t know existed. This personalized (and non-cheesy) font is an excellent idea and can be useful in so many ways, both personal and professional. Thanks!
    Karen Petty from Stockbridge, Georgia
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Thanks Brandon! This is awesome and I will try it tonight. As a newbie I am doing my own letters and this will certainly dave a lot of time and headaches and writer’s cramp. Karen
    Bryan O. Specialist from Littleton, CO
    Replied over 3 years ago
    How awesome! I’ll have to see if my wife will do it. My handwriting is the last thing that someone wants to see.
    Eric Stier Wholesaler from Lake Mary, Florida
    Replied over 3 years ago
    i rarely ever send out yellow letters because my handwriting is so bad unless I really concentrate. This turned out great. I started out using a 600 dpi setting but found that the scan was picking up some of the light grey from the template. I backed off to 200 dpi and it worked great. I think it also helped that I cleaned my scanner glass. Who knows when the last time that was done. I also used a blue felt tip pen and scanned in black and white. The Sharpie was too thick for me. Thanks Brandon
    Matt Powell from Catonsville, MD
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Great tips, Eric. Care to share the brand and make of the felt-tip pen you used?
    Mike Brewster Investor from Forsyth, Georgia
    Replied over 3 years ago
    thanks! easy enough ;o)
    Art Hoskins Rental Property Investor from Saint Louis, Missouri
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Thanks for the tip Brandon! I will definitely use this for my next campaign.
    Darnell Griggs from Leesburg, Virginia
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Thanks for the tip, this will save me some time and save me from possible hand and wrist cramps down the road
    Patrick Fitzgerald Commercial Real Estate Broker from Chicago, Illinois
    Replied over 3 years ago
    I never new this was even an option (though I have received some letters like this). Thanks for the DIY.
    Chad Hale Property Manager / Investor from San Jose, CA
    Replied over 3 years ago
    Thanks Brandon!! Just created my own “Chad” font to be used in mailers.
    Ruben Aquino Investor from Salt Lake City, Utah
    Replied about 3 years ago
    great info Brandon!! this is so helpful! I’m going to try this out next week!
    Alaziz Bridgeforth
    Replied almost 3 years ago
    Awesome Post Brandon!! loved the info and your website; I just finished my hand writing transfer process. I think Ill get my girlfriend to do hers since it look so much better. Probably should post this in the forum but what would you say for newbie about creating a website. Is that necessary since I have yet to complete a deal.
    Mitch Smith Rental Property Investor from San Diego, CA
    Replied almost 3 years ago
    Great Thread!!! These tips are so helpful. Does anyone have recommendations or tips on mail merging? I am finding this to be a little challenging.
    Dane Peterson Real Estate Agent from Sarasota, Florida
    Replied almost 3 years ago
    wow, love this write up, but…. Not having luck with scanning. I’m getting tired of writing the alphabet! I’ve tried 2 different types of sharpie PENS and I tried the blue felt pen tip. Still no luck. If someone could mention the exact style of writing utensil that’d be great!
    Dane Peterson Real Estate Agent from Sarasota, Florida
    Replied about 2 years ago
    Bueller? Would love any assistance on my question? I can’t be the only one experiencing this!
    Account Closed Investor from Billings, Montana
    Replied almost 3 years ago
    Brandon, This is super cool. I’m in printing for my “real” job and your content in this post and in your book on DM lists is fantastic and very helpful! Seems like you’ve got some kind of print awareness background, so it’s nice to learn from you, even as a dude in the industry of printing. I’m going to try the handwritten font in some letters soon!
    Glenda Patton from Katy, Texas
    Replied almost 3 years ago
    Great information. This will save time and money.
    Anila Hashim from West Palm Beach, Florida
    Replied almost 3 years ago
    Hi Brandon Thanks for this It was super simple and came across this blog while looking for companies which would post out letters for me This would be super useful Thanks again Anila
    Kari Piecuch Investor from Mobile, AL
    Replied about 2 years ago
    Too little too late! does not exist any more 🙁 @Brandon any alternatives?
    Brandon Turner Investor from Maui, HI
    Replied about 2 years ago
    Hey Kari, Looks like in it’s place is now “” – but it looks like it works pretty much the same way. Give it a try and let us know!
    John S Lewis from Jackson, NJ
    Replied almost 2 years ago
    Hey Brandon – I used calligraphr and printed out a letter. It honestly looks like computer print, not a hand written letter. I used a plain piece of yellow paper, and everyone in my family says it looks fake! ugh!
    Erik Orozco from Mcallen, Texas
    Replied about 2 years ago
    Great tip Brandon truly appreciate it! I will be trying this on my next direct mail campaign. Brandon do you set up mail mergers and print the letters and envelopes from home? Or do you outsource?
    Melissa Hamel from Apache Junction , Arizona
    Replied almost 2 years ago
    I tried this out today and the spacing in between my words look horrible and definitely doesn’t look “handwritten”. Any suggestions on how I can fix the spacing in between my words? For example, my name looks like this “Melis sa” It is putting an extra space that is not needed. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!
    Hasan Otuome from Santa Monica, California
    Replied almost 2 years ago
    Hey Melissa, If you are using Calligraphr, check out this link -> Sounds like yours may be ‘Gaps Between Letters’. Hope that helps… P E A C E Hasan
    James Trower Investor from Houston, Texas
    Replied almost 2 years ago
    That’s Awesome. Thanks Brandon. 🙂
    John S Lewis from Jackson, NJ
    Replied almost 2 years ago
    Good Stuff Brandon. But is no longer around. It’s been replaced by There is a free version but only up to 75 characters, so I had to eliminate a lot of things. But the steps are mostly the same.
    Sulaiman Shah Real Estate Investor from Staten Island, New York
    Replied almost 2 years ago
    @Brandon Turner what kind of envelopes size and type do you use?
    Albert Azimov
    Replied over 1 year ago
    How to add numbers to font ? We really need it for phone numbers
    Michael Nguyen from Philadelphia, PA
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Genius. Thank you for posting this wonderful article.
    Mike German Rental Property Investor from Westerville, OH
    Replied about 1 year ago
    Just a quick update: is no longer available. It looks like has taken over this space. The instructions are very similar to what Brandon posted. You do have the ability to increase the size of the text template page which makes it easier to write the letters with a sharpy.
    Kishore Babu Rental Property Investor from Fremont, CA
    Replied 11 months ago
    This is amazing Brandon. Thanks for sharing the info
    Ricardo Navarro from Denver, CO
    Replied 8 months ago
    ORRRRRR you can head over to and check out the “handwritten” section and browse through about 5k different types of hand written fonts. You can browse a preview right there on the screen and download the one you want for free. Then follow the rest of the steps outlined here and you’ll be good to go. Used to be a graphic designer and used this resource all the time.
    Erik Carey from College Park, Maryland
    Replied 16 days ago
    Thanks Ricardo, I appreciate the info.