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How to Analyze a Real Life “Buy, Fix, Rent” Deal [Video Tutorial!]

Matt Faircloth
1 min read
How to Analyze a Real Life “Buy, Fix, Rent” Deal [Video Tutorial!]

“You make money when you BUY not when you SELL.” This is a common belief shared in real estate investing circles. And you know what? It is the truth!

So many people lose money on an opportunity because they do not analyze a deal properly. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, you must be able to quickly and effectively analyze and underwrite deals. In today’s video, I analyze a recent “buy, fix, and rent” opportunity I am considering purchasing. I analyze the deal and share three tips to never forget when analyzing an opportunity.

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Let’s get some discussion going on this video! Any questions about the analysis process? Do you do anything differently?

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