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2 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day as a Real Estate Professional

Sterling White
2 min read
2 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day as a Real Estate Professional

Independence Day is truly one of the most special days of the year for real estate professionals. How will you exercise your freedom this 4th of July?

There are a lot of great holidays throughout the year that make for high impact real estate marketing campaigns. The 4th of July is a little different. There may be some of those opportunities, but it’s a lot bigger and more personal than that. Absolutely get out and grab some 4th of July sales deals on things you need for your real estate business, but don’t stop with that (and a few minutes of fireworks afterwards).

Don’t Take Your Freedom for Granted

Whether you are a real estate agent, investor, or other business owner, this is an extra important day. Imagine if you didn’t have the freedom to own a home, to invest and provide for your family? Millions of people may never have that freedom.

At least hundreds of thousands of individuals are putting their lives on the line today to protect your freedom to do that. Tragically, some will lose their lives today. And their families who have graciously allowed them to serve and support them may forever have to live with that sacrifice —  usually without much appreciation.


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One thing that I always practice is gratitude and appreciation. I have a wealth of reasons for this, including the simple fact I live in America, where I have the freedom to control my life’s destiny. I can determine where I go in life.

For me, this really compels two different, yet equally important actions this July.

Use Your Freedom

We have the freedom to celebrate this July 4th. As real estate pros, we enjoy the freedom to take the day off with family. We also have the rarely tapped freedom to go all out to achieve and experience our full potential in all areas of life. That includes relationships, experiential adventures, and business. It’s a freedom some people alive today have — and far fewer have had throughout history. Seize it and enjoy it. If you can dream it, go for it.


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Help Others Find That Independence

One of the best freedoms we have is being able to help others increase their own level of freedom and independence. That can begin with providing healthy and affordable rentals — or even building houses for the less fortunate here or abroad. That can eventually mean helping others into homeownership. It also means helping them to learn to invest. If you teach them how to fish for themselves, they can keep increasing their own freedom and ability to realize their potential, give their family members that gift, and then share it with more people.

What will you do to flex and celebrate your freedom this Independence Day?

Let me know with a comment!

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