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3 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Be a Better Investor (& Human Being) Today

Nathan Brooks
6 min read
3 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Be a Better Investor (& Human Being) Today

In the midst of crazy presidential campaigns, 24 hour news cycles, and horrific actions happening abroad and right here at home, simply living in the world these days can be hard. It seems like we as a society have dropped a few notches in our ability to be human.

So What’s Wrong?

Are we humans so broken, sad and lonely — partly due to being able to post about ourselves nonstop on social media at any moment — that we’re simply stuck on our own image and comparing that image to one another? Do you have that nagging sensation that people care less and less of the value of one another? I have to break it to you — there are a lot of meaningful ways to view what life really is. It is most certainly not about “likes” on Facebook. It’s not about growth or success at another human’s expense. And it’s certainly not about making another dollar for a dollar’s sake.

At some point, we MUST decide in our own little worlds that we are tired of these actions. We are no longer willing to watch, doing nothing. We are willing to participate in making it (humanity/ourselves) better.


My Own Moment This Week

I found myself sitting, watching, and being mesmerized during the entire new Netflix documentary on Tony Robbins — his life, his work, his passions, his events. Tony is truly an incredible human. I have read his books, listened to him speak, and heard his story through his own words and others speaking about him. He grew up in a family situation that wasn’t ideal. He wanted for basic needs, and he knew that life could be better for him and for others.

Today, Tony inspires us to be better humans. We must first be able to observe our actions and thoughts, and then we have to be willing to make changes in our lives in the places we see opportunity for that. Tony is motivated to help others unselfishly. Most people are so afraid of what is going on in themselves that they are totally unable to see what is happening inside others.

Tony is a master of perceiving and then being able to walk someone through that recognition. He’s a master at providing opportunity. That is an incredible skill and gift, but there’s no doubt he first had to honestly look at himself, hear what his internal monologue was saying, and change that where needed in order to help change and inspire others.

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His incredible financial success is amazing. He has a monster house (houses), and he travels and does as he pleases. He owns businesses and has a huge international following of millions of people all over the planet. Looking at his life, my personal guess is he does it because he wants to make the world a better place. And he knows he can impact one person at a time through each person who comes to his events, listens to his podcasts, and reads his books.

So what does all this mean? How can I make an impact, even a tiny one? How can I play my part?

Find Ways To Share (Not Just Money)

You want to start understanding more about what is happening in the world? Give first, take second. No matter if you believe in God or are an atheist who wants the world to be a better place, we can all agreed that at our best, we feed those who are hungry, and help those in need, and take the coat off our back for a friend who is cold and weary.

You want to know how you can share? Open your eyes. See around you. Listen to your own friends speak and hear what their hurts are. Second, actually listen. Actually have influence in their lives in a positive way. Allow that listening to affect you and your own thinking.

Sharing is not about a monetary significance. It’s about the action of giving. Part of sharing is also about receiving the thankfulness and grace of the other human. It’s the action in good faith and the opportunity to be present and alive in the moment. It’s about receiving the thanks and appreciation of the other person.

Take Time for a Mindfulness Practice

I bet years and years ago, many people, including myself, thought that meditation or mindfulness practices were for monks chanting about something we couldn’t possibly understand. Honestly, I am still not sure what their chants are about. But I do know that meditation has made a significant impact on my life and my happiness.

You want to be a better human? You must recognize what kind of self talk and thought processes you are operating on. Secondly, you then have to continue to give your mind and body the signals and inner monologue they need to be healthy.

Mindfulness practices are not about just sitting in the lotus pose and chanting (although it’s totally cool if that is what you do). They are about your own awareness of yourself. It’s about the ability to recognize what is going on in yourself so you can recognize what is going on in others, too.

If you haven’t taken at least 10 minutes a day for 10 days to practice with an app like Headspace, go download it today and do it.

Say Something Nice to Someone (Everyday)

It could be a stranger. It could be a neighbor. It could be your spouse. Your dog. A random person at the grocery store or the bank. Pick someone out and tell them.

For instance, I love watches. I take every opportunity to chat with someone about their watch. Where did they get it? What was the occasion? I share about my love of the movements of automatic watches — how they move and operate even while we cannot see the intricate pieces working together.

Maybe you like hats, or food, or a certain kind of clothes, or someone working really hard at the gym, or food prepared in a beautiful manner.

There are so many little battles inside every person. We can influence with positivity and kindness by recognizing someone else and saying it aloud. After all, humans have been around for a long time, and we are used to, built for, and made to be around others. I think a lot of people simply miss this idea completely and find themselves lonely and seeking love and attention in all the wrong places.


Apply These 3 Ideas in Your Real Estate Business

Real estate deals are full of sadness, pain, family issues, and flat out destruction. When you approach a wholesale appointment, an estate situation, or a family going through probate on a house they lost a relative on, think about what is happening first.

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Not only can you be sympathetic to the situation in a real way, but you will get a much better result from that interaction if you have established a real connection with that person.

  • In sharing, you can tell your own stories about how you or others you have worked with have gone through similar things and have made it to the other side.
  • In mindfulness practice, you have prepared your mind and settled the million little balls in the air flying through your brain to hear, understand, and respond to what is happening in front of you. If you are more aware and in tune with what is happening, you will be more apt to help the person and close the deal.
  • In saying something nice, you can be an influencer in both their experience of people in our profession, and you can also help them through their situation. Maybe you could help them clean out the house. Or maybe they just need someone to listen to all the hard things they have been through. Sometimes you might need to be able to see past what they are sharing with you, talk them through it, and help them see what they need to do.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your position is, no matter your business, aspirations, income, or age, you have real influence. It is 100 percent your opportunity to decide how to use it. And it’s my hope you use it today — this week, this month — to be a better human than you were yesterday, to influence someone in a positive way, to bring this kind of attention to yourself, and then to see what kind of positive implications it has all the way across your life, your family, and your business. Because believe me. It will.

What do YOU do to use real estate to better the world around you?

Let me know with a comment!

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