5 Business Tips From the Past That Are Still Relevant in 2016

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 It comes with the start of each year: “New year, new me!” Everyone looks to improve themselves in some way, shape, or form, entrepreneur or not!
Perhaps 2016 is the year your resolution was to take your business to the next level or even just to start out. Whichever the case, I have some invaluable tips to share with you to help you on your way. The only difference this time is I’m not looking for “new” tips for the New Year. Today, I bring you solid, relevant tips from the past that will serve you well in the business year ahead.
So, listen closely.

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5 Business Tips From the Past That Are Still Relevant in 2016

1. You don’t have to start a business to be successful.

Great news for any who have great potential for managing a business but are lacking in the creative ideas department. There is much success to be found in buying a business, growing it, and selling it on later. This tip from 2008 will serve you well this year, as 2016 is set to have more and more businesses up for sale. The so-called Baby Boomers are looking to retire, so keep your eyes open for interesting opportunities.
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2. It’s better to just pick up the phone.

You may be reading this and thinking that you’re always on your phone. Well, I can’t argue with that, but it is time to think about the way you choose to communicate with both existing and potential clients, as well as employees.
This great tip from Richard Branson in 2014 is still something you should be reminding yourself: Don’t get sucked in to the quickness of an SMS or email when, in fact, a phone call could serve you better. Misunderstandings occur more often via written communications especially if you’re in a rush, so save yourself real time and hassle by taking the time to talk!

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3. Embrace guerilla marketing.

Here’s a tip from 2008 that couldn’t be more relevant to you and your business if it tried. Though things have moved quickly in the last eight years, this still applies. When was the last time you changed your marketing approach?
Keep in mind that the way consumers come into contact with marketing is an ever-expanding area. So, you may think that you’ve mastered Facebook and Twitter ads — but is this the right place for you to be? Take some time to brainstorm a new, brave approach for 2016 because an effective marketing campaign can help take your business to new heights.

4. Adopt new technologies.

Forgive me for pointing out what may seem to be the obvious. However, what applies to 2011 applies even more so in 2016. Predicted trends for this year show that technology is going to power a small business revival! As a small business owner, you’ll be a fool not to keep up with developing technologies.
Your life will become a little easier with the help of tools such as CRM software and HR management platforms. As well as making your life easier, these tools allow you to stay competitive with those larger companies. When it comes to technology this year. make sure to adapt and learn in order to see your business succeed. Don’t get left behind!

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5. The customer is always right.

You’ve heard this before. Perhaps a million times, but do you know where it comes from? “The customer is always right,” was coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of world renowned London department store Selfridges in 1909. I think we can safely say they’re a business with growth we wish to replicate.
Despite it being 107 years old, you would be wise to keep this in mind. Consumers have been increasingly more demanding, and 2016 promises for this to continue. Consumers have higher expectations, and they will take to numerous platforms to tell you if you’re not doing enough to please them. None of us are immune to mistakes, but if the time comes and you drop the ball for a second, then you want to be remembered for the right reasons — for being the company that provided an honest and attentive customer service.
What tried and true business tips have served you well over the years?
Let me know with a comment!

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Stan Bril is the CEO of MCG (www.mcgloan.com), a private lending firm providing business and real estate funding to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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  1. Andrew Syrios

    Very good list! I do think that #5 needs to come with a caveat. There is a decent amount of literature out there on “firing customers” particularly the hard ones that suck up your time. If one small customer becomes a huge time suck or emotional drain, they very well might not be right, but instead need to get the boot.

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