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Here Are 25 Productivity Hacks That Actually Work!

Brandon Turner
2 min read
Here Are 25 Productivity Hacks That Actually Work!

Everyone is productive in the first few weeks of January, but how do you stay on track for the long haul?

Here are 25 hacks and habits that have helped me skyrocket my productivity, efficiency, and success in 2018!

Keep in mind, just knowing these tips won’t change anything. You have to implement them into your own life and be cognizant of when you start to return to your old ways.

Remember, to change your habits is to change your life!



1. Be proactive about being productive

Ask yourself, are you committed to an effective and productive lifestyle?

2. Outsource the Small Stuff

Time is money. Hire out for tasks that are below your personal hourly rate.

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3. Batch Similar Small Tasks

I knock out all my emails at once, sometimes only once a week or less.

4. Don’t Watch Too Much TV

It interferes with goal accomplishment. I try to only watch one to two hours at most.

5. Focus on The 80/20 Rule

Twenty percent of what you do will give you 80 percent of the results. What few things in your life make the biggest difference?

6. Never Sit Down Without Knowing What You’re Going to Work on

Be intentional. Don’t get to your desk and procrastinate. Take time to plan what you’re going tackle when you sit down at your desk.

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7. Time-Block Activities

Put on your calendar the things you intend to get done. Then do them!

8. Wake Up Earlier

When you wake up earlier and set that time aside for intentionality and yourself, you’ll get into the right mindset to attack the day.

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9. Don’t Multitask

If you want to accomplish something, dedicate 100 percent of your time to that thing until it’s done.

10. Stop Paying Attention to the News

It puts you in a bad mood, distracts you, and sucks you in. Instead, ask someone what’s going on in the news today?

11. Have a Dedicated Work Space Free of Distractions

Find a separate place to work and make it your sanctuary.

12. Focus on Being Effective, Not Just Efficient

Are you doing the right things? You might be good at getting through emails, but are you avoiding the work that matters in exchange for efficiency?

Check out the video for the rest of the tips with more in-depth explanations!

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What about you?

What tips do you have for acing productivity? Share below!

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