5 Real Estate-Related Jobs for High Schoolers & College Students This Summer

5 Real Estate-Related Jobs for High Schoolers & College Students This Summer

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Dan Sheeks

Dan Sheeks is a high school Business/Marketing teacher, real estate investor, and personal finance advocate in Denver, Colo. In his 16-plus years of teaching high school, he has taught a variety of business subjects including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Dan’s passions include working with teenagers, advocating for personal finance education, investing in real estate, and promoting the FIRE movement. Embedded in his classes is the co-curricular DECA club in which students travel, compete, acquire leadership skills, do community service, and have fun! His students have competed at the national level in entrepreneurship, personal finance, marketing, and hospitality services with much success over the years.

Dan volunteers in the MoneyWi$er initiative out of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office with a few other hand-picked experts from around the state. The program strives to advance financial literacy in Colorado secondary education. Dan has also taken his high school students into local middle and elementary schools, where his students have taught the importance of personal finance to younger children.

Launched in late 2019, SheeksFreaks is a blog and Instagram page that are dedicated to helping young people learn money management skills, start investing in real estate, and pursue financial independence. The SheeksFreaks blog aims to help teens use specific methods of saving, earning extra income, and investing to set them on a track to purchase real estate investment properties in their early 20s and achieve financial independence at a young age.

Dan and his wife have a variety of real estate investments including multifamily, single family, Airbnb, and out-of-state BRRRRs. They currently have 14 units in the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, and Detroit.

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As summer slowly sneaks up on us, coronavirus restrictions begin to ease, and our world gradually gets back to normal, it’s time to think about what you want your son or daughter to do this summer. Many summer programs, classes, internships, camps, and activities have been canceled, leaving many parents to wonder what their high school or college student is going to do this summer.

Might I suggest aiding them in finding a real estate-related job?

As members of BiggerPockets, we understand and respect the passive income generating and wealth-building aspects of real estate investing. So why not get your child started by encouraging them to get a job that will introduce them to the real estate world?

By working a job that is related to real estate, they will be doing what Robert Kiyosaki calls “working to learn, not to earn.” That is, they will be learning things that can help them in their future endeavors while earning a paycheck at the same time. But the main benefit is what they will learn, not the money they will earn.

In most cases, your student could start by searching for the types of businesses listed below in the area close to where they will be living this summer. They could also seek out contacts through their network. Parents can also call up people they know and ask if those contacts might be hiring for the summer. You never know if that agent who helped you buy a house two years ago might need some office help.

Here are five jobs that will keep your students busy over the summer, as well as get their feet wet in the real estate world.

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1. Real estate agent/broker assistant

Real estate agents could always use more help. And offices that house a few to a lot of agents need even more help. As a real estate broker assistant, your student may be posting property listings, filing documents, greeting clients, answering the phone, and assisting with property closings.

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2. Office assistant for an escrow agent

Escrow agents guide real estate clients through the escrow process. As an office assistant, your student may provide clerical support, create and edit correspondence and documents, maintain files and records, and provide services to clients.

3. Property manager assistant

Property management companies house several property managers who usually have more work than they can handle. Property managers need help showing properties to prospective tenants, handling marketing campaigns, fulfilling maintenance requests, addressing tenant complaints, and often dealing with stressful situations.

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4. Work for a contractor

Summer is a busy time for contractors. And this summer could be busier than most as they try to make up for lost work over the last few months. If your student is handy, this could be an excellent fit for them.

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5. Work for a mentor

There is no better way for your student to learn the ropes than to work for someone who does exactly what your student would like to do someday. If your student wants to invest in real estate, maybe your family knows someone who is a real estate investor. Or maybe your student wants to work in banking or finance. Do you know a local lender who might need some extra help?

These five jobs have a wide range of duties and skillsets. Hopefully, there is one that will pique the interest of your student so they can gain some valuable knowledge while also making some extra money this summer.

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What other jobs do you think young people can learn a lot from doing?

Share in the comment section below. 

Have your student's summer plans been squashed by the coronavirus safety concerns? If so, encourage them to consider these real estate-related summer jobs. While earning a little money now, they can learn how to profit big from real estate in the future.