15 Ways to Actually Achieve Your Goals (& Make 2017 the Best Investing Year Yet!)

15 Ways to Actually Achieve Your Goals (& Make 2017 the Best Investing Year Yet!)

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Can you believe we are almost a week into 2017? I hope you had a fantastic holiday season and you have hit the ground running for a phenomenal year. If you are a success-minded person and reading this blog post, then chances are you probably have written out your goals and know what you want to achieve for the coming year. First, congrats — that is one thing that MOST people do not actually even do. Most people set some vague “new year’s resolutions,” and by January 15th, these resolutions begin to wane. By the end of January, these resolutions are non-existent! I have never and probably will never set new year’s resolutions. I find them to be a waste of time. Instead, each year, I set both personal and business goals with my husband that stretch and inspire us.

This year, we took it one step further and created our three and five-year goals first — and then dived deeper into creating one-year goals. I love the goal setting process, always have. I can’t say that I have achieved every goal I have set, but that is OK. By setting goals, it stretches our minds and helps us focus on where we are going and what we want to focus on.

Setting goals is great, but you can’t stop there. There are so many roadblocks and hurdles that will come up when you set out to achieve any goal. It is so easy to give up and become resigned and cynical. However, there are strategies that you can utilize in your own life to increase your chances of actually achieving your goals this year.

I hope you find this list to be helpful and please add more ideas in the comments section below!

1. Condition your mind.

This is by far the most important strategy I can suggest to you. Take ANY successful person in any walk of life, in any industry, and chances are high that they have learned to condition their mind. So what does conditioning your mind mean? It means conditioning your mind for success. I read a great explanation from Mind-sets.com:
“If you want to be successful, you need to condition your mind for success. The correct success mindset means that the person has the underlying positive beliefs, values and attitudes necessary to affect success in his chosen area of endeavor. Beliefs values and attitudes create the foundation for the thoughts and feelings that make up the human potential for action and therefore the results experienced in life. These results of course feed back into our belief system creating a closed loop that is either empowering or dis-empowering, spiraling upwards or spiraling downwards, feeding on itself.”

Bottom line — you need to evaluate and choose the thoughts and beliefs that are going to help you achieve your goals (versus having negative thoughts and beliefs). You can take all the action in the world, but if you don’t condition your mind properly with healthy and positive thoughts and beliefs, you won’t move any further to your goals.


2. Create success habits and rituals.

The most important ritual for me is to begin and end my day in a positive mindset and in gratitude. I just bought the “Five-Minute Journal” that is helping me do this. I begin the day in meditation, reading and visualizing my goals, filling out the five-minute journal, and prayer. Then, I end the day in a positive state by focusing on what went well in the day and what I can do better the next day. Simply put, positive and empowering rituals can change your life.

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3. Create an actual plan (the how) for each of your goals.

This plan should include specific actions and deadlines.

This one is simple, but imperative. For example, you can have a goal of owning “X” rental properties this year, but you won’t move towards achieving this goal if you don’t also have a plan and strategy in place so you can make it happen.

4. Re-evaluate your progress continually.

Be flexible, and then determine how you need to change your approach.

Most people set goals and then hope they come true. Not helpful! You should be evaluating your major goals on a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly basis. Create a ritual where you are evaluating your progress towards your goals. Remember to be flexible, and if something is not working, change your approach quickly and continue to change your approach until you achieve what you want to achieve.

5. Be coachable and teachable.

On the way to achieving your goals, you are going to screw up and make a ton of mistakes. Get over these quickly; don’t dwell on them. Be teachable and coachable in these moments. Don’t beat yourself up, but learn from every situation and every mistake. It will make you stronger.

6. Surround yourself with successful people.

Simply put, you become who you surround yourself with. So choose wisely and surround yourself with positive, successful, encouraging, and supportive people who want to see you WIN!

7. Stop saying “should” and replace with “must.”

Get rid of the word “should” and replace with “must.” Watch the words you use on a daily basis. Watch what you say to other — those words will become your reality.

8. Don’t give up.

There have been various times in our business when the negative thought pops into my head for a moment — would it be easier if we just gave up on this goal? But I allow this negative thought to move through my head quickly, and then I move to something positive to focus on. Achieving anything great in your life will take time, energy, and focus. The worst thing you can do is give up.

9. Don’t procrastinate.

Tim Ferriss, the best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweekir?t=biggerpocke0a 20&l=am2&o=1&a=0307465357 has some great videos on YouTube about this topic. Procrastination can kill momentum. Watch this does not stop you on your way to achieving your goals.


10. Don’t blame others — take full responsibility.

Don’t spend your time blaming others why your goals were not achieved. This is a downward spiral that will get you nowhere. Take full responsibility and accountability for EVERYTHING that happens.

11. Stop telling stories.

I was listening to Tony Robbins the other day (who I adore!), and he said something very powerful — “Are you more concerned about telling stories about why something did or did not happen, or are you more interested in results?” Focus on results and stop telling stories.

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12. Spend time on a daily basis seeing your goals as ACHIEVED.

People who achieve their goals first see themselves achieving their goals in their mind. Take any outstanding athlete — they are masters at utilizing the power of visualization to achieve their goals. They see it happening first in their mind, and then it happens in reality. There is a TON of science and research on this topic, so check it out if you need proof!

13. Take risks.

No goal has been ever achieved without taking some risk. Of course, you want to take calculated and educated risk in business, but you do need to take risk nonetheless.

14. Find an accountability partner.

If you don’t have a business partner or a supportive spouse that you can do this with, find an accountability partner that you can not only share your goals with but also check in with to see how the achievement of these goals are progressing. Set up weekly calls, monthly calls, or face-to-face meetings with each other so you can be accountable to someone else besides yourself!

15. Learn from as many people who have achieved what you are looking to achieve.

This one is pretty clear, but it is incredibly important. Success really does leave clues. I would imagine ANY goal you want to achieve has been achieved by someone else. So don’t struggle to figure out how to do this. Learn from those who have “been there and done that.” You can interview people and mentor under people who have been there before. You can also learn by reading books from these people, watching videos, and attending seminars. Soak in as much as you can to learn what they have not only done to achieve their goals but how they have carried themselves and conditioned their mind.

I hope you found this article to be helpful and motivating — and that you will take ONE thing and put it into action as you move forward to make your goals happen in 2017! I would love to get some discussion going.

What other strategies have you implemented in your own life to achieve your goals?

Thanks for reading, and here’s to an amazing 2017!

New year's resolutions don't last. Carefully set goals do. Set yourself up for success -- and massive business growth -- this year with these tips.